September 6th, 2002


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(um... the web site Friday picture is here.)

Hmm... thought maybe I found it... that missing-mood thing. Now it's back but it keeps dancing around and refusing to settle in. I swear I have some kind of guy-pms thing because I hit this weird zone every month and carry the most evil vibes around for a few days... I feel like a bear ... I act like a bear ... anyways, I just want it to pass and find my zone again. I love how my life is and the people in it, so I have no excuse for feeling flustered and frustrated.

~ black ftl's
~ blue jeans...
~ white T with a denim shirt.
~ dem big ass shoes...
~ to go to a meeting with Edwards junior kindergarten teacher at 10... kind of a meet the teach thing
~ write a BB3 update... um, yeah, I managed to actually see the show this time. :D
~ it's a friday... I'm thinking movie tonight.
~ to extend my condolences to towanda for the loss in her family...
~ that stephanie heals up well...
~ that I knew how my friends in Minneapolis were doing... (yo! xellos and blackarma... you guys ok?)
~ my friend thatthingido is celebrating today ... congrats on the new job sugar. I'm really happy for you.
~ hmmm... well something about a dance-card for nbbmom... 'cause it sure is filling up for ya sugar... :D
~ and finally, sweet lianna... damn damn damn... people can suck. I'm glad you are still here somewhere. :)

Getting George to wear a little tiny thin jacket (it's cold outside) when he leaves for the bus is like pulling teeth!!! let alone zipping it up "I'm just going to take it off on the bus!" sheesh... it's cold... look at your arm... those are goose bumps... see the other kids, look at their jackets... "oh, ok... but no zipper!".

Ok... off to see Edwards teacher... see ya later today. :D

BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: The Exorcist

You're mother sucks cocks in hell! Well, heads were spinning all-the-way-around in that little room at the top of the stairs tonight on the exorcist, er, eviction show. The Southern Lush sinks to new and astounding heights of inebriation, her parental-collective bitches about it, and Stick Girl wears the wrong clothes again.
ps. Dani is getting pretty damn cocky.

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After watching the boys... and the immediate neighbors boys... and a boy from down the street... five boys... running around and around and around the house, all with various implements of distruction slug over their shoulders... well, even I'm out of breath.

Now my two boys are in the bath and their amazingly stained, splotched and wet clothes are piled in the hamper...

It's wind-down time. Next up? Washing little kiddies, drying little kiddies... feed'en 'em both snacks and then story time... More Harry Potter for Geo and we'll see what Ed wants tonight.

an-den? Movie time. :D

Not a thing in the world to complain about. :D

ps. sometimes, rarely, I get a post in a BB3 Update thread from an anonymous reader that tells me "I've love reading these..." or whatever... boy those moments are the stuff of rejuvination and kindled spirits.


to my friends that have so much fun with the;

"Which Cure Single are you?"
"What is you Inner Muppet?"
... etc. etc.

Do you realize that you are putting an image link in your journal, say for the Muppet, that reads "animal.jpg", and the person running the server where that image is hosted can replace animal.jpg with any picture he or she wants in... I dunno, say a month.

This has happened before with some totaly sick hard core porno shot replacing the "what crayola crayon are you?" type quiz things...

You sure you wanna do that?