September 2nd, 2002


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ok... that's enough... made some small changes to the way my web site lays out... a quick menu on the main page and new frames sets... although "new frame sets" really only means anything to me. :D

now it's sleep time! night night.

see ya.


"Dad? just one thing... um. why are you always so tired when you get up and I'm not?"

I have got to stop staying up so late... I think I've been saying that in my journal for two years now. egad!

~ sweat pants... sweat shirt... commando...
~ shower... sweeeet hot steamy shower... hmmmmm
~ finsh the evil shelf project...
~ go and "eat at lukes" which is not the same as "eat at moes" because in this case the whole family is going to lukers for dinner (with reens of course.)
~ I was asleep... that I had not woken up at all... so I could have slept till now and then been just waking up... grrr...

Hey... I read in the paper that they're holding the Miss Universe or Miss World or some such thing in Nigeria... you know, that place where they stone a woman to death for having a child out of wedlock... What's the matter? Why Nigeria? Was Kabul all booked up that weekend? What the fuck are they thinking? Nigeria? What complete fucking dicksmack came up with that? "Oh... I want to work for United Nations and Save Children after I get my Brain Surgeon Papers... and I can twirl this baton, clip my toenails and curl my hiar and blow you at the same time... wanna see? OH Wait! We're in Nigeria..."