September 1st, 2002


Moooo... er... um... *cough/hack* Morning!

ok, that's it... It's official... I stay up way to freaking late. :)

We watched BB last night at around 10:30 and watched more of Godfather pt1 but did not finish again... 'cause it was like 2:something... Last clock I read on my way to bed said 2:55. Yuck... and Geo has me up at 8:30... which I artfully turn into 9:00 with some well placed suggestions about black paper, gel pens and the play room. (got him busy so I could stay in bed...) but alas, this only works for so long.

~ dk green haines bbs
~ whatever I pulled on ... um, big red sweat shirt and sweat pants...
~ to write a BB update... :D
~ yesterday was all about drawing pictures and wandering around home depot...
~ today the wood order will be ready to pick up (at 10:30) so I'll be a shelf building guy for a while... (It's shelves for out cold storage room).
~ of course, there will be pictures...
~ that my friend tassy has a safe trip to Colorado and that she finds a string that helps her follow her heart in a most enjoyable way.
~ for a warm kind of wonder to sneak into the heart of my far-away-friend dallandra ... way far away in Estonia... and that she find the chance to rebuild friendships that she misses....
~ and suzy-q (cute nick btw - thanks Tess)... serraph... don't let him make you cry... because he only want's you to feel a little love. :D

happy birthday Suzanne (serraph)

A most inspiring, intelligent, creative and mind numbingly adorable woman is having a birthday today... I hope you find your heart soaring today and maybe let him in enough to share some of the day? Whatever you decide, I truly hope that you have a wonderful year Suzanne and that you don't get electrocuted ... much... and that somehow you find the place you need that will wrap your heart in love. I just cannot tell you how glad I am that we are friends and how much I hope for your world to bring you all the happiness you can handle. Have a wonderful birthday.

BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: Captain Vanity runs amok!

A "first lady" becomes the "flirt lady", a plot queen begins to come-undone, secret weapon booby action, a complaining flamingo, cream pies, lost rings, nominations, sign language, a gun shot, and an unbelievably heartless diatribe by the only human in California that doesn't like nipples.
Just another day with the house-mats.

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Oh my aching me...

wood, more wood and then screws... wait... a drill.

Ok measure once... measure again... drill a lot of holes...
carry enough wood to feel a bit like a worker bee at a Burning Man event...
Start screw'en the screws...
ack... freak'en screws are too long... 3 1/2 instead of 3... blech.
Back to Home depot (with both boys 'cause Z was out)
Home depot on the sunday before labour day is a nightmare.... nuf'said.

Back to it... cold storage room is decidedly hot and sweaty while yer messing with a big wood frame project.

Oh great... somehow I magically misscounted and need 4 more 96 inch long 2x2s... RATS!

Back to Home Depot. (oh just shoot me now)

After a day of being a dad and being a tool-man-wannabee... I'm about halfway done.

Long long long day.

Me soooo tired.


I forgot to mention... Subway Chicken Teryaki sub with corn on the cob for dinner.
Time to break out the "Danger Radioactive Hazard" signs for the can again...


I gotta say... I'm such a hand at this do-it-yerself-home-reno boy thing.
So far? 6 unique trips to Home Depot, including a "got the wrong size" goof and a "didn't get enough" goof.
Design? great on paper...
unfortunately it needs to be assembled inside the cold storage room - big thing, regular sized door.
Where's it at?
New'est member of the "project from hell" club is waiting for me to grow extra arms that are all Popeye like to hold 8 foot long 3/4 ply wood sheets in the air at 6 - count 'em 1,2,3,4,5,*!6!* different heights, simultaniously and then - keeping the ply wood in place, set a series of screws...

Oh, yea... it's gonna happen... just don't exactly know how yet.
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