August 31st, 2002



scratch scratch...
ug... not so bad actually.... Up at abour 9:00 ish with the boys and it's been pancakes and more of the "ring of fire".
Now Geo is playing Nintendo... (super smash bros is a stooooopid game) and Ed? Drawing pictures of volcano's of course.

~ sweat pants... comfy sweat shirt...
~ hmmm shower, shave, brusha brusha
~ dress again in jeans and a T
~ take measurements and pictures in the cold storage room in the basement
~ take said pictures and measurements to Home Despot and see if I can get a project underway to build actual shelves in there....
~ BB3 tonight... nomination night...
~ a very happy happy BIRTHDAY to lesslyn. She was one of my very first friends in lj and so much has happened in her life since then (two years ago) that I could prol'y write a book... or at least a short story... about her. :) I hope you have a wonderful year little liquid dance chaser...

We only watched half of Godfather Pt 1 last night... Z was getting tired and I didn't want her to miss parts so we stopped... after which the reason an amazinly comfortable sofa is a bad idea came again to light... it's so easy to pass out on that sofa and just fade away... :)


Ok... off to be dad, and go wake up my sugar. Have a grand adventure today... er... do something adventurous.

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you know that ad for Home Depot where the dad dude goes in and says "I wanna build this for my kid, but I don't know what I'm doing" and by the end of the 30 second spot he's sleeping with junior in the new Tree House? Well I'm just say'en... it really doesn't work like that... just in case you were curious.

ps. please insert major rant about rap music videos on Much Music and the lack of actually good music videos there... I mean, why do the airwaves have to be full of overweight black guys, dressed like gang bangers hang'en with a bunch of total skank'o'bitch mama's dressed like 25$ hookers? Why can't MM only play music videos of music I LIKE... dammit! :D

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note: bb3 is on in 10 minutes...

note: my foot is freaking killing me... (top of my foot)

note: off we go... out for a short visit with some friends...

see ya.