August 29th, 2002


Hola muchachas!

ok... and all da'muchachos too!

You know, it's kinda cute on thursday mornings.... the way Z and I struggle out of bed and get ourselves ready... then get the little goobers dressed and prepped for the quick shot over to my folks house for day care while we go to work... and then we both pull out of the driveway backing in opposite directions and pass one another as we head off to each end of the crescent. I feel like we're in toy cars being pushed around on one of those roll-up "town" maps the little kiddies play with. ... the mommy goes this way... and the daddy goes that way...

~ black ftls.
~ swish swish blue cargos that are kinda feeling like jammies today
~ one of fav long sleeve new shirts...
~ dem big ass stomp'en shoes.
~ writing about BB3 from last night...
~ watching BB3 tonight...
~ beating the living fucking shit out of the fucktard that made "flavoured" coffee in the lunch room
~ finishing a couple of projects at work (feeling pretty good about that, btw)
~ raising a little shit at work about feedback on staff members performance reviews...
~ kissing zebra several hundred times... just because.
~ screaming to the universe about how much I love incarnation ... because she's essentially "good vibrations" in a can. :D
~ to remind catherine that calling 911 is never a bad idea ... let them work out the issues... and I'm super glad everything is ok.
~ to tell tonya that besides my just thinking she's da'bomb, yes... Justin does look like SideShowBob.
~ that all-forgiven with Nick sticks for sugarvaulter... it's more fun that way.
~ go look at this... it's an Lj icon... espositarita! Yes, that is so cute I could just moan.
~ that my friend mandelion continues just as she is... getting better every day... sweet Amanda... I hope things hold true sugar.
~ I knew what was up with Kristy... kristylicious is, hands down, the first angel I met on LJ... she cannot possibly hide her wings. She is a good mood, an ecstatic smile and an infectious giggle all rolled together in the person of a super-mom and not a day in my life passes that doesn't include my voiced or unvoiced desire for something wonderful to be happening with her. Tink? (tinkerbell)... I hope things are ok sugar.

I'm a little heavy on the "wishing" today but I have room in my heart so what the heck.

ps. Kill me if you need to, but I'm checking the moon and it's a hard core half moon... and according to the history of these things... a lot of my friends are moving into the zone this week. Be well and be patient... remember; Brinquem bem! É mais divertido dessa maneira.
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//rant - like - but - not - so - much

I'm standing in the change room at "marks world world" the other day trying on a stack of clothes...
and from over the wall I can hear this girl;
"So I can spend 60?"
"yes... sixty dollars"
"can I add the 40 I have in my pocket..."
"is it yours?"
"Yes... "
"ok... sure... but I'm only giving you 60 in here..."
"is she still there..."
"No... yer moms across the store now..."
"Ok.... " (click) "look... d'ya like this? I love it..."
"Oh... yeah ... You have the first day of school locked girl."

Ok... so how much freaking trouble do you have to go through for the first day of school... I mean, the smart money dresses down to avoid the competition on day one, and dresses drop dead gorgeous on day two! and yeah, I know it doesn't work that way...
Because the girls are dressing for each other... guys? Look... walk into the school with your beams on and you win the fashion show...

Dude to Miss Fancy Pants: "Oh you're wearing a new shirt, new pants, new shoes, new sox, yea, like I care..."
Dude to the beamer: "Oh... gee... you look great today." (old jeans, and a tshirt)
I mean, we're talking High School here...

And last night? I sat down to watch the BB3 show we taped and when I flicked on the tube... the Miss Teen USA pageant was on... Evening gown followed by the Swim Suit. Ok. I can dig that a Miss Whatever pageant is a beauty contest and power to the women that go in for that... ignoring the idea that the girls in those shows compete with each other like they all have horns and forked tongues... pretty women, on yer tv... cool. But the Miss Teen USA show was fucking pathetic. Let me repeat that... Fucking Pathetic. It should be renamed to the Miss. I Wanna Screw Up My Life and While I'm At It Screw Up the Lives of Young Girls Everywhere Pageant. Essentially we got 50 little girls in their underwear marching across the stage. No, I'm not complaining, but then I'm not a young impressionable girl that is going to spend a tonne of my parents money trying to make my normal body look like some freakshow body from the miss teen usa pageant.

Talk about re-enforcing the problematic steriotypes that screw up a generation at a time...

// mini-kinda-rant over... :)
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BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: Garden Gnomes! It's all about Garden Gnomes

News flash: Goofy looking homosexual Garden Gnome on the run from Axe wielding crack-head Garden Gnome. Get the full story at 11:00

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everyones a winner baybeee that's for true....

give'it too me Bootsauce... Remember this guy? he was great. :D

Today has been a rocking fantastic day... sounds kinda over the top, considering that a problem I had with a Remedy install a week ago is still kicking the shit out of me... but fuck it... I'm calling in the experts tomorrow. :)

Er... TOAD anyone have a permenant license key for the standard edition of TOAD? (oracle admin tool).

no... today has been a great day because my life is filled with wonderful people and somehow... due to some bizarre magic, I find myself able to stick with these people... only a few short years ago I was in that place most people get to... after high school... after college... after university... married, with kids... working... and looking around at such a small circle of people to interact with ... I thought I would go mad. I guess it's fine for a lot of people... but not for me. My heart seems to thrive on the friendships and interactions... and while I have to say that the very best thing in my world is how great things are going in the one really important relationship in my world, it's a wonderful way to dress up my life with so much friendship.

I really dig you guys... :D

Ok... day is done... and it's time to go... see ya later skaters...
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I'm avoiding lj... for fear of finding out who got tossed on BB tonight... we're going to go watch the tape in a minute. :D

I've been posting some updates to my Web Site... new content in the "words" section (the bb3 updates) and a new set of links bringing the "A Day In My Life" trilogy (remember "A Depraved Day..."), the Niagara Vacation and the Casa de Corto tour inside the web site. :D

I was just reading a newspaper story about this woman that stepped in to carry the ball for Margot Kidder - who rolled her car en route to Ottawa to perform - in The Vergina Monoloques. What's the deal... what's so special about Virginia? lol.. ok I'm kidding. The funny thing is that the Vagina Monologues are not drawing as big a crowd as The Puppetry Of The Penis... both shows are directed towards women. Do you think there's a message here?

Alrighti... off to watch BB... see ya... hopefully get to read ya later.