August 28th, 2002



I have a batman lunch bag... pictures to follow. :D

~ black ftl's
~ new p-z jeans... not blue
~ blue t with a txt v-neck...
~ well, it's decision time actually... to toast my pop tarts or to eat'em raw.
~ move big honk'en servers from a lab to a server farm... you know, where we can water 'em and hire immigrants to pick 'em when they're ripe.
~ BB3 tonight... remember it's on at 8:00 tonight (EST) not 9:00
~ small but important buckets of paperwork
~ a big welcome home to shann from that trip... and I loved the pictures of the two Mats together... it's so nice to see you all together.
~ tonight goes well for my friend Amy, who it seems I'm just thinking of all the time lately. You're just a wonder girl Amy and I hope things hold together.
~ two words for my friend adrienned Phen! and Nominal!!! I hope your words of cloud 9 speak to a lasting and great happiness for you sugar.
~ to remind anyone listening that the name "sugarsnaps" is taken by a Dee with two N's (er, that would be Dianne ... aka sparklegrrl
~ that I can take just two more seconds and say how great it has to have a friend like elliriel... she always has something nice, let alone worthwhile to say. Thank you sweets for being with me in here for so very long. :D

Ok... toasted pop tarts is best so I'm off to the "lounge" for some toasting business...


~ Edward, 4, has injured the middle finger on his right hand... right below the fingernail... just a scrape... but it's pretty damn hard to hold it together as a parent when he's walking around asking for a bandaid or showing you the bandaid...

~ George starts Grade 2 in less than a week... and this morning he was coughing and stuffy and yucky... CRAP!

~ I'm about to leave and go to my appointment with a surgeon about that re-injured hernia thing... more news to follow.

~ and if I don't leave now... I'll be late... so gotta git...


So Doctor Slasher was easy... "poke poke.. .ouch ouch... Nope... no operation. See me next year... here's what to do between now and then." No, that sounds bad... he's a great doctor and I'm not so bad off. Figures I ripped a muscle around the "mesh" last October and it's healed with scar tissue on the scar tissue from the previous operation. Any ways... not "cutting" in my near future.

On a lighter note: I almost forgot that we're babysitting the neighbors little baby tonight to give 'em a night out... :D

See ya.