August 27th, 2002



Ok so tonight has been all about figuring out quick ways to do a lot of formatting...

I found a good way... fortunately... or I'd be going bonkers by now.

I added all the BB3 updates (so far) to my web site, under the "words" section. :D

(and ps... The pages for all the reality tv show "episode" selections will change soon... I promise... omg! they are so ugly! ... blech)

It's getting late... Time for sleepy time... :D

Later lj.


Brrr... it’s really very chilly in the morning. This is Geo who woke up as I was getting ready to go to work and wanted a snuggle... He is like a little furnace, all warm and toasty. :D However, as the summer is almost over and there will be plenty of getting up early for him soon enough, I sent him back to our bed to snuggle his mom and bolted from the house...

Ya see, I kinda woke up with the alarm, and casually reached over and turned it off... nope, didn’t hit the snooze button... just turned it off. What the heck was I thinking?

~ gray ftls
~ it’s all about blue jeans and golf shirt today (um, and a p-z chenille sweater while it’s still got the chill thing going on)
~ all the manager types, well senior manager types, are off on a retreat... so, I get to work late and find the entire section I work in VACANT... so, until further notice, I’m all alone, shivering in the lab, working on oracle crap.
~ that my friend tassy, er I mean, Brenda, um... I mean Tassy...has a great day... (snicker)
~ that this week goes well for my friend Christi (txgirlie)...

Ok... time to go on a muffin hunt... there has to be a secret stash of muffins somewhere around here!

geek loving.

if topazgrrl
be loved
have fun tomorrow night
call misha-love
do while var(x) = corto-friends
load memory
str(y) "I am so fortunate to have you in my world"
str(z) "thank you for being here with me."
if red-line-in-corto-friend-list
alert("do you want me to add you back? please send me a note and let me know.")
prompt("who cares?")
call the-notorious-kym
call super-deb-nordic-queen
::program end

:routine misha-love
paint "thank you dear and sweet misha for the card... I'll post a pic of it later. You are so sweet!"
::routine end

:routine the-notorious-kym
paint "I want to see teeth in the next picture... because I love to see you smiling."
::routine end

:routine super-deb-nordic-queen
paint "I sure hope today turns out wonderful... just because that would be nice huh."
::routine end
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the big clean continues to turn the office closet inside out... file cabinets and all... Z is on a role.

Came across this picture, from a ski pass when I was 10. :D

Today was a long, reasonably successful day. (yeah)
Imagine the fun in being able to say something like "After great effort, the Borgcube has realized that resistance was futile and I've sent it the developers" and actually mean something. (my job is so freakishly fun sometimes...)

Note to universe: Subway Chicken Teriyaki "hot sub" is absolutely fantastic...
and the resulting farts can clean a locker room. Oh, yeah, TMI. Sue me. :D

ok... I've been cruising around and wondering what to talk about... and I'm feeling er... wordless...
so I think I'll just go get a fresh coffee and play with video stuff for a bit.

See ya lj,

oh and khisanth sugar? don't be lost... k'mere...
follow the sound of my voice...
if you listen, I'll bet you can hear my heart beating.
whatever’s wrong...
You can lean in here real close for a while if you like.
I'll hold ya up for a bit. mmk?
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