August 25th, 2002



g'morning... feeling a bit squeeky today. I managed to stay asleep until 8:30 and the kids didn't make me get up until 9:30, wohoo...
It's like a big sleep in as far as my head goes...
It's amazing outside... all these big evil clouds coming in, but the sun making hot spots on the carpets from the other side of the sky... and a very very cool breeze...

Hi. (yeah, two pictures 'cuase I wanted to say hi too. :D)

~ blue jeans, commando
~ big red sweat shirt.
~ finish a BB3 update...
~ to help Geo put together a package of pokemon cards to give to his friend (our next door neighbour)
~ oh, and a shower is in there somewhere...
~ you could see how fun it is for Edward to play "pajama sam" (computer game)... he just loves games he can fully grok and control. :D

Oh I bought the cutest freaking little "mini" tripod for our camera... (just like yours lakme except it's yellow). I love it.

Alrighty... see ya.

BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update:

We get hoochi-mama dancing, scarlet o'hara drunk as a skunk, Flamingo "interventions" and an evil toe-picker fart'en on Marci's pillow. Yea, it's all about class and style now. The dog-days of big brother are upon us... the run-up to Survivor has started and these people are reaching towards new heights of stupid!

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I'm really getting excited about this video camera... finally. For months now I've been holding back feeling regret that we dove into all the effort (well, suzanne did most of the work) in searching out a deal on e-bay for the digital 8 camera versus buying a really nice digital still camera. Any ways, those worries are well and truly laid to rest. I've been learning about features of the camera and trying things out... most of it is still actually beyond comprehension complicated but some of it is giving me immediate payback... The "still picture" feature to the memory card is working better now that I've actually figured out how to change some of the settings. However, all in all the hardest part of this is going to be learning how to actually shoot descent video... versus the moving too fast or zoom-in zoom-out crap I've been shooting at family events... blech. But I'll get better...

Today was a very nice lazy day... We packed ourselves up and headed to chapters to pick up a stack of magazines and went to this big big local park where the kids played and lost themselves in being kid-like. Ed can, quite literally, sit in a pile of sand and play quietly for hours if we let him.

(click that for the full picture).

I managed a nice nap when we got home and then had a horrible argument with the front lawn. The freaking Ninja Weeds that are infesting our lawn won the argument... little buggers.

So, it's been dinner and kiddie bedtime rituals ever since and now it's time to have a "sunday night".

I hope your day has been going well... I'm afraid I've not left much time in my weekend for reading lj so I've proly been missing stuff... but whatever happens, and whatever I've missed... don't forget how much you guys and your wonderful support mean to me... Have a great night.