August 24th, 2002



~ a goodly blob of morning eye goop and lip cakes... I think I need to wash. :)
~ sweat pants..
~ gonna put on a sweat shirt in a sec... brrr it's chilli this morning.
~ feed kids,
~ get 'em into something... movie?
~ take shower,
~ snuggle back in bed...
~ bb tonight...
~ I had accomplished anything last night...
~ I wake up enough to be inspired towards something wonderful in the cooking dept.
~ for you to have a wonderful weekend and remember, in your heart of hearts, how thankful I am for your friendship.

I feel the need to make some groovy dessert and bbq dinner...
Last night was a wash... watched half a movie but only because we started watching it at 1:30 and both were falling asleep... I didn't get any work done on my vid projects and blech! I hate that. I hope I'm more productive with the rest of the weekend.

ug... I gotta get some coffee...


The new IKEA catalogue is here...

~ and so starts another year of trying to not buy everything in the store.

ps. me = working on something special :D


At last... I've finally finished making a small virtual tour of our home.

Click A tour of Casa de Corto to take the tour.

ps. Dinner was great!! but I'm in Bedtime Ritual mode, so I'll see ya later.

pps. um... tell me if you see typos or cortoisms.. (spelling mistakes) or if you have any problem with the page layout. :D
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I'm out this afternoon buy'en stuff... (got new p-z beige pants... kinda cut like jeans... and a long sleeve sorta shirt thing...) but while I was picking up this greating card at the Crafters Marketplace I had this encounter with a girl carrying a bag of choco almond boxes in one hand and a plastic laminated page with 8 childrens faces and bios in the other.
"Excuse me... Would you like to buy a box of chocolate almonds... for these missing children." (holding up the bio page)
"well... lets see, that would be eight boxes right? and how, if their missing, do you intend to get these boxes of almonds to them?"
"Ohhhhh... no... see... The idea is for you to buy the chocolates because these kids are missing..."
"ahhh... oh. Am I somehow in favour of Missing Children by buying the chocolates?"
"No... Oh no. You see... ... ... er... ... Never mind."
(turns to other person)
"Excuse me... Would you..."

yessiree... I'm one of those pain in ass people that (like Wednesday from the Adams Family) ask the girl guide at the door... "are they made with real girl guides?