August 23rd, 2002




~ gray ftls
~ it's all about blue jeans today...
~ feeling a whole fucking lot better. :D
~ another bb3 update
~ way way too much oracle crap
~ I could understand why some people actually take the time to be intentionally hurtful to one another in lj land... let alone dive onboard and join in...
~ a belated birthday wish to a very special man... Yo! Peter (petermarcus) Happy Birthday bro and I hope you have a wonderful year!!
~ an actual "on time" birthday wish out to René (glossgirl) ... The Package Queen... you have been one of the important sparks in my journal experience and I will forever appreciate the friendships I have made through that spark... I hope you have a wonderful year sweets.
~ not to be forgotten princessblueyes... Happy Birthday Stacy... the girl that vanished... Have a great year sugar.
~ and candyapple_t I'm sorry I missed you sweetie... Happy Late Birthday and I hope you find youself swimming in friendships all year long!!

So some bunch of losers with a collection of broomsticks that they keep hidden deep in the caverns of their rectal cavities have decided that Buffy is the worst show on TV because of its graphic violence and sex. Wow... All I can say is I sure hope they are never beset upon by a band of crazed vampires... they'll sure wish they hadn't dissed the slayer queen then huh... :D

There was a sold out Avril show a couple of nights ago in town... the reviews pulled a lot of really good quotes from various super fans and although I've read that her "live voice" leaves a lot behind in the studio, I have to admit she makes a shit load better role model than the bratt-ney, christina sleeze station that's been slutt'en up the kiddies for the past couple of years... So way to go Avril... I hope her career kicks more than a couple of hits.

ps. Thanks so much Cathy and Kimberly... just for being out there and in here (points to his heart.)
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BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

The live show... Tears, ducks, a wig, and an eviction. There really is no substitute for brains - andlemmitellya... there doesn't seem to be a single active brain cell in the whole freaking house. Ok, sure Danni-girl is all about being the puppet master but come on!

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Quick randomness;

~ The DVD of Bedknobs and Broomsticks has a lot more of the movie than the video. It is - by far - one of the best movies made in it's era as childrens entertainment... We've only ever had the vhs tape and I after seeing a preview ... I'm going to buy the dvd... oh yea. :D

~ McDeath Happy Meals are idiotic. The first 10 times over the course of a childs life is maybe reasonable... but after you start BUYING containers to hold the butt stupid toys... (or - thankfully - start throwing them away) you really outta stop with the Happy Meals... I mean, sure... eat actual food ... cook it at home... I do that all the time. But in and out of McDeaths with two little kids and all three of us full for under $12 is only possible if you turn your back on the freaking happy meals!

~ yu-gi-oh is a fucking rip off.

~ anybody see "showtime"?? what'd ya think?

~ anybody see "Birthday Girl"?? what'd ya think?

~ is there a good "movie review" community in Lj?

Ok time to be dad... see ya.