August 21st, 2002


ok fine!

be like that...

so it's not a simple thing to add a third ide hard disk to win2000? say's who? shit... I do not want to reinstall my o/s... blech huge!!

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ok so the issue is this;

I have a 5 gig and a 20 gig installed and a cd-burner.
drive c and d are master slave on EIDE-bus A, and the CD burner is alone on B.

I want to add a disk as a slave on B.

Pin out is good to go on the new 80 gig disk (slave)

CMOS registers the 83.3 gigs, no problem.

So the disk doesn't show up... I'm forgetting something dumb here...

Either, as the help feature ultimately says, there is registry hacking required to have three IDE devices (3 hard disks) or more on the system, or... I was looking for the disk-administrator but maybe that's only in NT? (this is Win2000 Pro)... Isn't there a disk admin in this o/s?

I seem to recall adding the 20 gig and it just showed up as unformatted in Explorer and I was able to format it there... but it seems to be FAT32... (ick) and I want the new drive to be NTFS.

~ someone is a real brainiac and can tell me what's what... or
~ I back the 20 gig up (only 11 gigs used) and remove it. Replace it with the 80 gig and restore the 11 gigs there... then it's a 5 and an 80 gig drive system... (I don't want to reinstall the O/S and I'd have to if I remove the 5 and put (i.e.) the 20 gig in the C: position.).

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thank you thank you thank you... ;


The disk thing is now figured out... still has to be implemented but... thanks for the info.

G'night lj... (which, once again, comes to the rescue. :D)

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Remarkably conflicted today.
You know, some people in lj are just nice acquaintances and it’s nice to share some time. Often those relationships develop through emotional investment and time into nice friendships. People come and people go so you gotta deal with the ebb and flow of lj friends... and for the most part, that’s easy advice to take.
Sometimes, however, it twists... like... a... fucking... knife.

~ black ftls
~ dk gray/blue dress pants
~ p-z long sleeve
~ uber comfy hush puppies
~ work work work work... so much to do it’s silly.
~ watch BB3 tonight... the 2 hour episode with Sheryl Crow.
~ I get the time to work out my solution to the drive layout at home.
~ That a precious little Amy forever away has some sunshine in her world today.
~ for a major Buffy visit into the ladyfire world....
~ my back was actually covered. Self serving, I know... but so?

"It’s a little hard to explain." !

well then...

Today has been a nice day... started funky but worked out nicely...

Still have massive problems at work with a project... but that's ok, I get paid to deal with that.

The other stuff? well I have to say... quite clearly, that it is nothing short of amazing to feel so much good vibe action from you guys... :D

I guess I kinda lost sight of my waterproof feathers there for a bit... you know, "like water off a duck" and all that. or is it "sticks and stones..."

Whatever... in the end... I guess everybody deserves the chance to be loved, earn respect, and rebuild friendships...
It's all part of the "Happiness is a journey... not a destination." thing...

Have a great night and if you're a fan, don't forget the BB3 Special 2 Hour Show tonight. :D