August 19th, 2002



yo! A-got me a fresh box o’crack! Ya’huh... toes will be tapping and heart beats up to about sevendy-hundred per minute sounds about right.

Mmk, I went to sleep last night, overtired for sure, but smiling the sort of a smile that only shows up when you know everything is right in your heart. Been there? It’s like a deep breath after an asthma attack...

~ black ftls
~ dk blue swish swish cargos
~ txt long sleeve (orange stripe) shirt
~ dem shoes!
~ a smile about some nice stuff ya said about the "adayinmylife" post.
~ eating several choco covered espresso beans from starfucks (crack)
~ once more into the breech with a new solaris / oracle / remedy thing...
~ load testing software testing
~ hmm... tonight? maybe that Orange County movie.
~ corto-werk-cam....
~ to say hey! to a new friend, kaylee
~ that yer seats dry out Crystal (gottabecrazy)... :D
~ I could find my lighter...
~ for something wonderful to fall out of the sky and wrap itself around my friend Heather... that’s lil’ebean way out on the island. Sugar needs to do some snapping out-of-it...
~ as I read and read about the onset of cramps, aggravation and general pain... to do a little dance around the room singing "I’m a man... I’m a man... and thank fucking god... I’m a man... " (not to suggest I don’t have my own personal cyclical demons of aggravation to cope with).

Ok, I think I lost some brain cells watching Zoolander last night. Anybody see them? ... the brain cells. No really... please look.
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    (David Usher) - Alone In The Universe


ok... so I've become rather obsessed... er... again. The whole video editing thing... forget the files I try to make into an-almost-reasonable download... I'm talking about the hundreds of megs size files... All I can think about is sitting down at my pc and working on the Niagara Vacation video.

I'm buying another gazillion Gig hard drive on the way home from work ... Have you noticed the price of big huge monster hard disks lately ... freaking peanuts... Just goofing around to make that little "drive to work" video took up several gigs of temp space. sheesh!

~ Amanda? mandelion... you are in my thoughts each day. And you will stay there until the last aggrivation with that surgery is done!
~ have you ever seen the Disney show "The Amanda Show".. kind of a Carol Burnet show for kids.
~ the Olsen Twins... talk about a future in porn... geezus.
~ I want to write a BB3 Update entitled "The Update I Wish I Was Writing"... and kinda make a bunch of stuff up... 'cause I can sure imagine some great ways to screw with these people.
~ good luck with the interview Andrea...
~ two coworkers just got back from a two week training course in San Fran. Please apply green paint here (points to self).
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tapidy tap.

come on baby I'm tired of talk'en
grab your coat and lets start walken

Yuppers... today is an official wrap. See ya on the flip side and have a great evening. :D
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