August 18th, 2002


good morn'en...

I'm thinking "bedraggled" works as a how am I today description... lol.

The muffins are just out of the oven, and all is good in casa de corto. :D

~ total shite! just a t and some sweats...
~ shower and dress
~ hit the road in search of yummi farm fresh corn... as in, leaving in about 20 minutes.
~ posting the new ADIML entry... (still gotta finish)
~ Sunday? absolutely going to have to watch a rented movie tonight... Zoolander is on the short list. I need stupid humour!!
~ to thank the universe for a nice night under the belt of my friend nbbmom
~ to suggest that tj642 is one lucky duck! :D
~ I could go to moonmama's house and have a little cake!!
~ to point out that Andrea, thatthingido is just a wonderful friend... just 'cause.
~ that catherine remembers that she is a wonder-mommy and she must have just not noticed the lil'wings hiding on her back...

As I sit here... I'm fucking dying of the heat... I turned off the A/C last night and "opened up"... nice breezy night... but shit... it's supposed to chill out today and it's muggy as hell!!! blech.

ok... it's food time.


So... finally... after much goofing around... I've got another "A Day In My Life" post... August 16, 2002... Dead Elvis Day.

You can jump right there from here!

(even has a little movie action...)

(sorry for the cross post to the adayinmylife community... if you see 'em both. :D)


long day... got a lot done though. Groceries, swimming, cleaning... nintendo and errands with the boys.

huge HUGE dinner...
pork chops, potatoes, asperigus (yummi garlic thing on bbq!), corn on the cob, buns... hmmm...

Kiddies are all washed and now it's bedtime snack and story time.
After this? hmm... Either Orange County or Zoolander. decisions, decisions.