August 17th, 2002


hmmm? Everybody needs good days...

scratch... yawn... sniffle... Blech! Oh my aching head!
I'm pretty sure I have a nutrition inspired headache, seeing as all I actually
consumed yesterday was a micki-D's lunch and a tomatoe sammich at night.

~ a crummy old blue tshirt
~ a loose pair of sweat pants
~ comfy sox...
~ to finish this cup of coffee looking back through lj
~ to make three egg pancakes and feed 'em to the boys (half cup of p-cake mix and three eggs)
~ shower... shave... dress in better clothes...
~ go to clinic... I have a thing on my eyelid... it's an evil thing.
~ go to Home-Despot! and buy a fawcett to replace a wonky fawcett outside the house...
~ that my friend dallandra is having fun on her trip to london
~ that another friend - and friend of dallandra - anarky used his journal! :D
~ for some feary dust to settle over my friend nbbmom and make today turn out to be a good day....
~ that no1topaz has fun with that wine bottle!!

ack... the kids are littlerally making dinosaur noises downstairs... I better go check... er... feed them. :D

BB3 Update!

BB3 Update:
JS: "Ok people we got a show to do!"
Mo: "Hey John? I got plans this weekend. Do ya think we can pull off a Best of... kinda show ... toss in a bit of new stuff and milk that HoH house guest soup thing... and wrap it up quick?"
JS: "Do have more footage of Marcellas crying?"
Mo: "Yup"
JS: "Deal!"

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~ groggy... but better.

pay no attention... this is just me talking to myself... mk?

advil... gravol...
just went mental with headache and it's now ?? what? 4:00 ...
lost three hours.
sorta slept.

Off to SIL's house for family stuff and pizza dinner.

ps. we went to see Signs last night and while it fed my corn-field phobia, overall ... it was a stupid movie. However, so was Unbreakable and I grew to appreciate it after the fact, so we'll see.

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Can you see Vega from where you live? How about the constelation Draco and Aquarius?

You're answer to this is yes if you live above the equator in the western hemisphere.

The real issue is whether or not it's cloudy where you are tonight....

If it's clear... go here and check the story and grab yer binoc's... Try and see it... Just try! It's worth writing in the story of you moments when you were able to see god (however she is defined for you), without taking peotti buds, and asteroids the size of small shopping centers whipping past the earth are nothing short of godlike.

ps. don't expect much... it'll be small and fuzzy... but it's a "I was there moment."


A busy day is winding down... and, damn, it's sticky in here... kinda muggy in my own house... AND we have A/C on... blech.

I put the telescope out tonight and the boys were all looken at the moon... but it was, is, generally too cloudy/hazy to do any asteroid searching...

(click me!)

Still and all, they were filled with little coo'ing noises at the craters and details on the moon. :D

ps. I've been having a blast with movie making... but it's evil trying to get an mpg file down in size... especially when a wmv file is like a quarter the size and still looks great!