August 16th, 2002


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The regular web site friday picture is here.

I forgot to include a "high" shot in the room today... but I will tomorrow... the point being that the Nicole Kidman picture is still on the wall, just not in the same place. :D

~ black ftl's...
~ blue jeans and a charcoal company golf shirt.
~ on writing a bb3 update... :D
~ watching bb3 tonight!!! (versus Saturday night which is pre-empted by football)
~ taking a million pictures today for another "A day in my life" entry...
~ for the next 10 days to pass quickly for my friend kimberly27616
~ to do something wonderful for zebra... just 'cause she's making me killer happy these days...
~ you could feel what I feel... see what I see... because it's all coming up roses and this is a great place to be.
~ that caren has a great day... why? because she is a remarkable young woman that has, long ago, stolen my heart.

ug! I'm following calliste posts... from Germany... about the floods... it's such an enormous disaster.

peace out muchachos et muchachas.

ps. August 16. Elvis! RIP.
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BB3 Update!

BB3 Update: Please Sign Here!

Easily the second funniest episode of the Big Brother show ever*. We had to stop the tape, I was laughing so freak'en hard. We have the default eviction / head boy show, with typical arguing, fighting, and plotting house-mats. Add a competition to bring a house-mat back from the dead, twist up the head-boy competition and we have a rocking show!

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