August 15th, 2002


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night night lj...

random thoughts...
~ I try to make a "g'night" post most nights because it serves as a marker tomorrow for what I need to read back to.
~ I say things like "gotta see a man about a horse" because they are like code words for personal things that, after exporting each
months worth of journals, I can search on key word phrases and mark out patterns of (for example) head aches, dinner out, alergy attacks, depression, etc.
~ I keep an online journal because it's fun...
~ I let myself love the hell out of my friends... because they let me.
~ and I shave because I look really bad with facial hair. :D

later skaters.

ps. I really miss Kathleen. I wish she would undelete her journal and just be around in the background or something.

munch munch munch

Yup, I stopped at Tim Hortons for a box of Tim Bits on the way in to work. A little box of deep fried fat covered in sugar! I am a healthfood nut!

I'm listening to the radio on the way in to work and they do this quick little parody of the tv show "American Idol"... it's all about "Arabian Idol" with the singer doin the whole screaming banshi battle cry you might associate with an arab media steriotype... and then the judges... ending with a british judge talking hard core trash... funny!

~ dk green haines bb's
~ charcoal swish swish cargo's
~ a new (newish) long sleeve shirt... *(Yes, it's still very hot out but it's like the antartic here in the office)
~ to laugh my way through writing a bb3 update
~ to watch roddy get kicked out of the bb3 house tonight...
~ on putting (as usual) the werk-cam on all day.
~ somehow, reach a conclusion with these remedy servers today...
~ that dorkgirl's little Klinger is well or at least stays well while he's at home... (gotta love yer pets!!)
~ that Zachary-fish enjoys his lil'Canadian Adventure...
~ that miss'cabricker remembers to stay-away-from-the-freaking-windows when the guns are going off!

um... when you're looking for something to do, check out blackmoth... I've been fortunate enough to have her as a Lj friend for a long long time and in that time I have simply never stopped being impressed with her work in photography... the girl is a walking coffee table book as-yet-to-be-published.


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ga... I'm such a dip... it's chair dancing time... bb3 writ'en while Oracle installs again... and best part? All the O/S's for these servers will prol'y have to be reinstalled tomorrow... BLAH!!!....

oh that one of those crazy ass good moods sneak'en up? Ya'huh... :D

ps. dear kymmi-left-boob... please take a rest from all that hurten and get better would ya!
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BB3 Update!!!

BB3 Update: The Crying Game

The house is on a roll... directly towards Dante's playground. They even have their own resident, self-proclaimed, Princess of Darkness. Joshy does a whole lot of bawling, and the real players are turning the screws something fierce. Lying and scheming... the producers must be smashing highballs into the fireplace like crazy.
If it gets any better than this I will be well and truly pleased. Talk about yer human suffering, live'en large and brought to your living room in exquisite colour.

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