August 12th, 2002




We watched "Suicide Kings" tonight... enjoyed it.
I get a kick out of watching Denis Leary in anything...

It's time for bed...
I uploaded a new version of the "words" section of my web site tonight... adding a new page in there somewhere (look for the story "George Sleeps") but mostly cosmetic stuff... I'm planning to format a lot of poetry and stories from my journal into this layout.
Um... what do you think of the "words section" layout?
Like... are the words too small on the select menus? or is the font colour do light?

Gahhhh! There is soooo much I want to do with the site and I end up doing teeny weeny little bits at a time...

We never made it to the Radio Controlled Airplane airport today... I mean, we tried but from all I can tell the place no longer exists... long drive... and all we managed to do was buy coffee filters. :D

Ok... it's off to bed for me... I expect I'll be having a hella busy week.
I'll see you in the morning.

Morn'en Lj

(at the telescope)
Fry: "Oh look... Uranus." ~ giggle...
The Professor: "Oh my... we stopped calling it that years ago... Too many problems in the schools."
Fry: "Hmm... what'd ya change it to?"
The Professor: "Yerrectum"

~ black ftl's
~ kinda groovy sox that match my...
~ pale green / mostly beige dress pants...
~ huntergreen nip shirt under a
~ company black and white golf shirt.
~ ug... a lot of trying to make oracle and remedy like each other.
~ squeeze a client to get a weblogic environment ready for testing...
~ turn on the werk-cam
~ for more time...
~ for more opportunity...
~ for more understanding...
Maybe then, I could be sure you realized how wonderful I think you are.

Alrighti... not a lot to say... I'm off to make today a fantastic day... anything I can do for you? You know how to reach me. :D

just call me chevy...

hmmm got me a warm banana muffin... nice mug of coffee... and two total left feet.
Came that realization as I fell up the stairs coming back from the lunch room.
(picks it all up and makes like a cat ignoring it's own most recent goofy behaviour)

So listen... you know in your heart it's true...

É tudo sobre o amor

Got some? Share it...
Want some? K'mere...
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Well I'm definately getting good at installing oracle 9i... fucker.

oh, I threw the "fucker" in BECAUSE I HATE DOING IT. ... :D

carry on.
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