August 9th, 2002


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nighti night lj...

today has maybe brought me a little more closely aligned with some of the guiding stars in my universe... (hows that for hokey)
fear is the mind killer
but relief from that is the soul supporter...

A spirit lifted is a beautiful thing.

I'm off to dream land and tomorrow is really going to be a grand day... no escaping that.

Morn'en Lj.

The regular Friday web site picture is here.

~ it's friday... pic... black and comfy.
~ blue jeans and a black company golf shirt.
~ dem big ass shoes.
~ to spend an inordinate amount of time arguing with firewall admins at two offices getting them to actually work together to solve a problem (ps. it's easier to achieve a virgin birth... lemmi tell ya!)
~ some client stuff...
~ more oracle installing...
~ write a BB3 update (last night was a really good show!!)
~ keep the werk-cam on all day...
~ um... to post something a little bit distracting... prol'y mostly embarrassing... but hey! I get my kicks below the waistline... *
~ I have an appointment with a surgeon about my hernia today... ick.
~ to climb a tower and scream about how wonderful life is with her in my world.
~ I get time in the next few days to finish up a re-release of the "words" section of my web site... I'm really liking how it's working out on the dev system and I'm gonna be looking for feedback. :D
~ all the best to my friend moowazz on the next audition...
~ to send out a HEY! to my new friend sickboy... it takes a good man make a great woman smile... and that's gotta be worth at least a Hey! :D

So I spent way to many mental cycles worrying about nothing lately... I say nothing because ... well sometimes I let myself forget that good people tend to stay good... regardless of interpersonal issues. Thank you.

* A line from a song... "One night in Bangkok" (murry head)
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BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: Holy freaking sweat stains!!!

Well now... Tour Guide Barbie walks us through another live show (at least about 8 or 9 minutes are live...). We have buckets more smushy romance stuff, lying, a magic lazy susan, a tie vote, an eviction and a surprise that will certainly piss off the house-mats huge. Yeah... things are finally getting interesting.

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Today just rocked...

The biggest problem in my day found itself in the outbox all wrapped up and fixed!!! (A VPN problem at work... all sorted out!!!)

Now it's time to get myself home... and steal my family away... and take 'em to dinner.

Then what? hmmmm... Movie... I'm liking movie! DVD night in casa d'corto. :D

oh... hey there was a headline on my paper this morning... "Quitney Spears".. I just had to laugh...

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