August 8th, 2002


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Man... I'm feeling swamped... well, maybe not... it's pretty complicated. There is a small thing... a negative thing I suppose, looming on the horizon and it truly deserves to be classed as shit-worth-ignoring but I still can't help letting it own a little part of me. It's like a "funk seed" ... not a funk yet but full of potential. blech. Lets make it go away mmk?

~ gray ftls,
~ super comfy new sox
~ same dk blue cargos as yesterday (kinda "swishy"... ya know, noisy when I walk)
~ a p-z t and my p-z v-neck sweater... both topping lists of fav clothes...
~ dem big-ass shoes... make me feel like I slip into shit kicken mode real easy... :)
~ install and config some vpn system for a project... (asap!)
~ install Remedy on a solaris box from yesterday...
~ fry and install another new solaris box .... (big project with loads of geek resources...)
~ see a man about a horse...
~ finish writing a quick bb3 update....
~ keep my werk-cam on all day... um... like always now... :D
~ watch the bb3 live show tonight and watch (??) Lisa get tossed...
~ for the sun to shine on my friend bloojanuary and with those rays of light... a little love'en is coming from me to you sugar. (just 'cause)
~ that things look buckets better today when my friend jesthestar opens those eyes and looks at her world.
~ that my pal nbbmom stays off her feet and rests REST!!!! for the next 4 days... :)
~ you could see into my heart...
~ and that my amazing friend tonya has a great trip tomorrow!!
~ oh, and some good vibes to my buddy wbahner... get the call yo!

Hey Cathy? (canuckgirl)... have a wonderful vacation!!!

My friend dallandra is so far away right now... Living as an exchange student in Estonia... I cannot imagine what thats like but I guess it's pretty cool. One thing for sure though... if she's on your friends list... I'm just betting a letter from a friend at home would be a good thing... don't ya think?
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BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: Seventh Heaven meets Guiding Light and The Osbournes.

Lisa and Eric suffer, Gerry picks his feet, Marcellas lies low, the virgin cries a lot, Josh gets the low-down, Lisa and Eric suffer, Danielle misses masturbation, we get a veto competition, and I, unfortunately can't stop thinking about what kind of a voice the offspring of a Josh and Lisa union would have. Oh, and did I mention that Lisa and Eric suffer?

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Long day... back from horse trading... managed to get a visit (planned) in with the Dentist... well, ok, no, not the dentist... but the sandblasting chick that works for him with the latex gloves and the face mask... hmmm sounds kinda kinky actually... Too bad it wasn't... but I got me my pearly whites all sparkly.

A visit with a client and now it's crazy-busy office time...

Hey... that funk thing? It's really in remission. I like that. :D

It's an unbelievably beautiful day outside... makes me wanna grab a laptop, a blanket and get the rest done lying in the periwinkle baybeeeee...
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I got yer cookie...

I got it right frick'en 'er...

damn cookie issues... keeps screwing up posts... :D

day is done... and I'm smiling... this is a good thing. I got more done today than in most three day periods... so either I'm usually an amazingly lazy guy or today has been a very productive day... you decide.


See ya later skaters...