August 7th, 2002


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Well so many little things...
so many friends that I wish I could run to...
just to be there for them...
You might imagine that there is a down side to really "feeling" for a lot of friends...
but if there is one, I can't see it. I am one lucky duck and I know it...

~ daikan... wherefore art thou?
~ get well soon ladonne
~ may peace be in your heart Lo (cybersweetie)... dust to dust... remember, you own your memories. no one, and nothing can take that from you. "It" is just the vessel ... not her.
~ ursula? (shebear)... it's so much a funk ... you sure need a dose of clarity. I hope you find it.
~ yo! Dawn? (cablondi)... don't snap!!! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10..... and again.
~ forgot... it's nice to see you having such wonderful moments with paris. :D Do you know about momsofboys? (it's not just for mom's of boys you know)
~ Maggs? drsuessrox... I hope you get some sleep tonight maggs... Logan? let mommy get some sleep!!
~ Christine? occipitaldruid... ok... so now you won't say "what if..." hugs sugar... lot's of hugs.
~ good luck tomorrow Kym!!! nbbmom Be Notorious!!
~ and Kimberly? kimberly27626... k'mere... just rest yer head for a bit and let me help you find daylight... some nights just need to end so you can begin finding the new day!

Good night lj... a busy day awaits...

Oh and The Mole... hot damn that was a good show. Far more of a 'real people' show than the other reality deals... :D


Mornin lj ... got my brand spanking* new long sleeve shirt on ... still a big chill in the air. (and I'm way comfy...) I had the sort of sleep that you wake from feeling like maybe you were resting in the company of angels last night. My eyes opened and the very first thing I felt was my heart swelling. You should try this... this happy thing.

~ pic pic... black... comfy and besides, the boys just love being strapped down.
~ new swish swish pants... cargo style with little draw string thingies in several places... :D (Oh, and they're blue)
~ the new shirt (see above) :D
~ werk-cams' on...
~ build two more solaris 9 environments with new oracle... damn patches... patches? We don't need no stinking patches... ooops yes we do!
~ documentation for a pending load test project... blech.
~ Oh and it's Big Bro tonight... I gotta tell ya, reading the Live Feed stuff (sporadically, btw) I'm seeing some actual hard core lying and sneakery... yummi.
~ with all of my heart... that my friend kimberly27616 wakes up today and remember that she is all that and a bag of chips.
~ for a successful and quick lil'operation in Charlottesville... Come home quick Kym and let everybody else take care of you.
~ to remind all y'all that it's really about the lips... and if ya really wanna get picky... bottom lips. why? because the kiss is everything.

ps. I'm still thinking I need to get info on how to go on a vacation to vegas and be a flying elvis just once... just once... :D
pps. god I love this song!

* eeep... I said spanking.
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hmmm today?
~ my boiz came to the office with my sugar bowl... (that's Z babyfatz).
"This is were daddy sits..." etc...
Then we went to the kiddies fav restaurant (lose interpretation of the word there) ... Micky D's.
A nice break up in the middle of the day... :D

Now? I'm going home...
~ thinking about nails that shine like justice...
~ thinking about lips that make my knees weak...
~ trying desperately not to think about that little triangle of fabric at the back of a satin thong like an arrow pointing at a great ass.

it's coming closer,
the flames are now licking my body,
wont you help me,
I feel like I'm slipping away,
it's hard to breath,
my chest is a'heaving,
lord have mercy...

oh yeah... hunka hunka... burning love!!!

Later skaters.
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