August 6th, 2002



all right!!! fine!!!...
I'll go to bed... :)

Work tomorrow... hmmm haven't been to work for freak'en ages...

Before I sleep... I wanted to send out loven vibes to fairedust66 and super loving healing vibes to mandelion.

I have the best friends in the universe!

Now I really must get some sleep.
See ya.

morn'en Lj

So... Miss Kiddman got a bit of a hand last night (while I was sleeping) in the new-look department...
I'm thinking maybe I'll move that poster... (lol)

~ gray ftls...
~ blue / gray - mostly gray, dress pants,
~ company golf shirt (and worrying 'cause it's looking mighty cold and windy out there)
~ fancy spancy sox...
~ well, work. Yuck
~ time sheets... I kinda forgot about those... they're a must do first thing.
~ and whatever else they throw at me
~ The Mole II is on tonight!! I plan to watch Dorothy be revealed as the mole!
~ that you have a wonderful day...
~ and that I have no evil surprises at work today.
~ they've fixed the ftp problem at work so I can put my work cam back on! (fingers crossed)

Peace out muchachos et muchcachas.... it's a busy day in the land of me.

(no subject)

fuck... I'm freak'en freeeeezing.
It's like 50 below outside and the office nicely airconditioned, thank-you-very-much... and sorry if this is whiny but my god... you could cut diamonds with these things... um.. hello? It's AUGUST!



That's a wrap... first day back... and no problems.


today was a good day (so far)...

I got help out a friend, hold an infant, and get to know another friend a little better. These are the big three for me. :D
(It just doesn't get much better than that!)

See ya.