August 3rd, 2002



So we havent seen I Am Sam yet but I did manage to watch Resident Evil...
It was a fun, gore-kinda-shoot-em-up movie made from a computer game...
Bottom line, dumb movie but it's got Milla Jovovich (5th element) in it...
and besides, her middle name is Natasha!! and things blow up! (snicker)

~ gray hains bb's
~ a very wrinkly shirt (the dryer and a hamper, the enemy of cotton everywhere)
~ sweat pants... Yup, I just crawled out of bed...
~ to forget about some stuff... think that 'el help? In the end, no... but for now... sure.
~ we have an "afternoon" event at the neighbors house today. :D
ha! Not going there today.

See ya.


Well we just came back from several hours of being neighborly. Our next door neighbors have two boys close to our boys ages and the house next up the street has a new baby ... well, 14 month only little girl. The kids played and we sat on their deck and ate yummy snacks and drank plenty of interesting wines... well they drank wine, I had my usual water. :D

Brie Cheese on slices of fresh figs and goat cheese with basil and spices... you know, shishi poopoo snacks. :D

It was very nice and loads of normal conversation.

Now it's time to admit I am dissatisfied with my current deodorant and get busy writing an email that I keen to work on.

See ya...

(and ps. my heart kinda bursts at the very amazing concern my friends have for things in my little goofy world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to care ... Love is... the closeness of friends and the warmth of their embrace.)


Saturday? Is it a saturday?


Ok... so what to do? Keep the kids up late going to the "International Fireworks Competition" (Brazil is up tonight) or sit at home and watch IAMSAM?
I'm kinda pro-fireworks myself... :D

I hope your day is going well... were ever you are...

(ping! - the sound of a pin dropping)