August 2nd, 2002


BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: Mutual Of Omaha Presents; The Talking Head On A Stick Show.

Donations for the "force feed Julie Chen burgers and fries" fund are now being accepted... operators are standing by.

It's eviction night in Hoe House. We have Veruca Salt, dueling skanky hoe biscuits, beefcake, backstabbing, Eric doing math, and a most interesting head-boy result... all brought to you by glossy lips attached to a body that should only be seen with a 1-800 number scrolling across your tv screen.

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Morn'en lj

well, I have a zit that thinks it's a cannon ball. and I am in no way happy about this! :D

Yesterday really kinda ran me through the emotional rollercoaster and I guess I'm the master of my own fate,
but sometimes you just gotta call it and say enough. I do, sincerely, hope my friends in Toronto enjoy the Caribanna fest
and I hope the weather is nice to you!

~ gray ftls and new sox!
~ blue jeans and a bright orange shirt... :D
~ um... food. food is the key!
~ oh and I think we're taking the kids to the Royal Canadian Mint today for an adventure.
~ it's friday... movie night... we'll have to see what's good in the dvd section.
~ today? I'm wishing you could share the remarkable feeling of having a wonderful relationship like I do with Z. We've come a long way baybee...
~ I understood why some people hold themselves out as friends when that is the last thing on their mind.

Have a wonderful Friday muchachos et muchachas... smile and feel loved... it beats the alternatives all to hell. :D

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ok... so the dvd line-up...

Z picked up "I Am Sam" ... a movie the video store check out girl described as "made me cry from begining to end... I just couldn't stop"
So I picked up "Resident Evil" to offset the melodrama. :D

Now... which will we watch first?