August 1st, 2002



This picture just cracks me up...

(click it for the full picture)

See, back in '98 I went on this course in silly-con valley at one of the HP offices. I went on an excursion to the Palo Alto HP HQ offices... the "galactic core" as I kept hearing it refered to...

I walked in the front door and started taking pictures... talked to the security guard... he assumed I was an employee visiting from afar... I wasn't. I was a Canadian Fed on a course... but he slid me a pass, asked me to sign in and buzzed open the inner sanctum gate... I considered it briefly, but demured and didn't sign in... but I took another picture and then headed back out front... there was this contingent of Japanese visitors... and an HP liason (guy at far left). They all assumed I was somehow associated with their party... No idea why...

I was game. I was handed 8 really cool little cameras and took a bunch of pictures... they started snapping pictures of me with the hp liason and then I asked one of them to take a pic with me and the group. I was all bowing and smiling and having a freak'en hoot.

a new day

First day with the sema thing... (lj client).
Someone asked me... "why do you use the client instead of the web update page?" and all I can say is... one you try client... you only rarely go back! It's kinda like anal sex... oh, wait... that's just a joke... relax... well, no, really ... relax! :D

~ still on vacation... whatever jumped off the shelf to my sleepy hands...
~ to write a bb3 update...
~ to pawn the kiddies off at my moms house this afternoon while z and I go rock climbing
~ watch BB3 live show tonight at 8:00PM
~ well the Toronto Lj bash is this weekend... sorta starts tonight with folks arriving in TO. I'm wishing everyone has a safe and enjoyable trip and party!!!

alrighti then... must get busy...! :D see ya later skaters.

BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: The Plot Finally Thickens.

Well this was the Wednesday show... the Veto Show, but it should be called the "Let's suffer with the Pink Slip Holders" show. We get plenty of plot elements with the schemers!!! and, of course, loads of angsty angry issues-oriented screen time with the nominees. Oh, and Roddy blows Marcell-ass.

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ga... ok... I'm sorry ... I'm not dealing well with somethings... mostly I just get a little frustrated and it comes out...
but you know what they say;

MY JOURNAL. MINE!! I don't do this for anyones benefit by my own.


Ok... rock climbing is out... place doesn't open till it's too late (summer hours... poop - but there's always next time!)

For now? well the kiddies are ensconced at my folks house so we're going on a little shopping bonanza. :)

ps. me? look... sorry for the drama zone... maybe it's just my time to be a dick head...(checks the moon) whatever, why should women get all the breaks when it comes time to tick off reasons for being dramatic? But sometimes you gotta ask yourself... why do you worry about some things? and am I happy? I've no idea why I worry about some things but I am one happy little fucker... so there ya go.
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so the bb3 tape is waiting...
the kids are fast asleep...
the world continues to turn.

now then... why am I at the computer instead of the tv?

oh and I found the coolest birthday prezzi for a friend...
an Lj friend...
must wing to the post office tomorrow or I'll miss the birthday.