July 31st, 2002


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g'morning ... me, boyz, um... I mean a sleep me... we're up... and now it's pancake time. *(easiest way I know to slip a couple of eggs into them)

~ morning sweats... (no shower yet)
~ to wake up... I swear, my head has not actually turned on yet...
~ there was something I wanted to get done today....
~ BB3 is on tonight...
~ I was sleeping right now... maybe dreaming about something scary...
~ that all my friends going to Toronto have a wonderful time.
~ that notcharming gets the place she wants... not just the place she can afford. :D
~ welcome home Kathleenie... (um... that's daikan)
~ for the powers that be to launch some kind of a break at my buddie nbbmom... I mean sheesh. Kym, I am your good karma bomb baybee...

My thoughts are out with mandelion who is having a wee surgery today... her friend (dina) is posting updates in Mandy's journal and Many is out of touch... but still, it's a good day to send her a good vibe. I so very much hope all goes well for her today.

okies... gotta go.. see ya.


ok... I'm just say'en...

Spilling a large mug full of last nights coffee from the counter ONTO the wrack of clean dishes waiting to be put away is a royal pain in the ass.



hello from the land of semma-client... :D

Ok... oodles of randomness...

razzberee ... you make me melt.

I went to the doctors today... I've had hernia issues for the last half year. (I had a hernia operation last year in August... extra awful) and I kinda thought I'd re-hurt it in October.

Then... nothing... I've been ignoring it and letting it ebb and flow for months... sometimes it hurts... sometimes no. Any ways, I went to the doc about it today and she was all about saying "Yessiree... looks like a brand new hernia". So now I'm waiting for a call from the specialists office to arrange his chance to poke and prod at me. drag!

~ ar ar ar ... we took the boyz to the go carts track yesterday... having no idea it was "99cent tuesday" we were greeted by huge crowds... well, huge for this place. Oh, and as we arrive... we see this back yard area with un-used fake animals... Geo yells out "Hey look ... a dead Giraffe!All in all? Plenty of family fun... Zebra looks adorable in her helmut and George and Edward both had a stint on the kiddy carts. Funny thing is? George was doing fine until this little girl in a pink halter top starting riding a cart behind him... then he was all twisting in his seat to check her out... (lol) He kept rolling off the road.

~ off to manage a basement full of kids... the boyz from next door are over and 4 boys? makes for a bunch of power struggels. :D


ok... so here's the deal;

go here (http://www.techtv.com/screensavers/) and scroll down a bit to the poll question;
Can you have a friend you haven't "fleshmet?" (meaning, are net friends real friends?)

and vote YES. Show those snooty patooty know nothings that are voting NO they have their heads in the wrong hole.


Go on... it'll only take a second... AND PASS IT ON.

Thanks shann!!

(here's Shann's post where I first saw this issue.)

lj birthday flashback

Happy Birthday janedeau

It's been forever since I've heard from you or read about you, your boy and - of course - Zoe, the first baby I had the pleasure of meeting via Lj . :D

I hope this years b-day celebrations finds you healthy, happy and surrounded by the love of your family and friends. May you find a wealth of inspiration in this next year and I hope a great deal of joy with Zoe.

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you ... Happy Birthday dear janedeau, Happy Birthday to you!