July 22nd, 2002


morn'en Lj.

Well, like a complete moron, we went to bed at, what? 4:00 in the morning. And here I sit... 9:ish and I've already been up for an hour. Them boys are relentless.

We watched Finding Forrester last night. Very nice movie. I was worried they were going to "pay it forward" with the ending but fortunately it remained a feel good movie until the bitter end.

~ um...
~ quick shower... shave... dress, and
~ power spray (the mission continues)
~ pack and make totally ready for leaving early tomorrow.
~ clean out the van... (hate the van!)
~ today I am wishing for peace to overtake the voiceless heart and everlasting soul of a young woman traveling from here to there. r.i.p. dawn.

I'll stop with the Dawn stuff... promise, but for now... I encountered Dawn a little over two years ago and in the last year I have had the amazingly good fortune to have met her in journal land. We would chat and go back and forth on threads... usually about survivor updates. It was kinda neat to talk to someone I saw as an "on line icon". She made me feel pretty special with her fleeting friendship and she lead me to other friends (on-line) that I will cherish as long as circumstances let me hold on to such luck. I have read so much of what she has had to say in her world yet it remains apparent that there was a complicated and ultimately devastating existence that I never understood at all.

Life is fleeting, but even though it remains more complex than we can ever impart in something as light as journal land, my life will be forever affected by knowing this sweet girl. That is an immortality I can understand.

You will live forever in my heart.
(my dawn poem)

the whistle blows

love will follow
peace will overtake
tears will stain
the distant horizon
when ever you look behind you

goodnight dawn.


you know you're a parent when you can randomly hear "haha... I farted while I was running..." and think it is cute... :D


What a day...

Mr. Deckwasher boy has been hard at it... (that's a link to another little animated gif)

We took the boyz bowling today (5 pin) and cringed as Ed launched each ball through the air... Geo managed to nail a gutter two lanes away while Z was chasing Ed around the snack bar... yup... bowling is a family pass time.

~ So, deck washing,
~ car (van: hate the van) cleaning,
~ renting gameboy games for Geo,
~ quick groceries for the trip,
~ visit my mom to set her up on Yahoo so she can video chat with my sister in Scotland,
~ and pack pack pack...

and we're not quite done... I'm off to go gass up the vehicle... see ya.