July 21st, 2002


almost "after noon"

Well I slept in till after 10... wohoo... um, we both did. The kids were all over computer games and nintendo while their parents slept... It's been 6 years since this kind of sleep in was possible so colour me one happy corto. :D

~ black flts...
~ today is my I-love-lydia Orange shirt day
~ shorts
~ to power spray the deck (I borrowed this honk'en power sprayer from a friend...)
~ get some plans under way for the trip this week...
~ try to entertain his royal-pain-in-the-ass (sorry) George in some way... (he's being really off putting this weekend)... I'm sure it's gonna pass and maybe it's a stage... but sheesh.
~ to review a cache of pictures we have from this weekend...
~ I find time to catch up - even a little - with LJ... We passed out on the sofa last night after watching the bb3 tape and wrote off the whole night... but the sleep and snuggle was sooo worth it. :D

See ya and have a grand Sunday.

BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: The Princess Diaries

Every princess has her ... um .. his day. This show was all about payback, bulimia, kissing black ass, peanut butter porno and love-in-all-the-wrong-places.

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OMG I am soooo loving kiwi's again... ahhhh more fresh fuit...
chomp chomp chomp... slurp ... lick... ahhhhhhhhhhhh

oh, and deck power spraying is hot work.


We're getting ready for the trip... slowly. Of course, Z is doing the lions share of "getting ready" but she's really good at that stuff...

Now then... if you're on babyfatz's friends list... go to her recent post (this poll) and answer the question...

'cause we're gonna forget something... I just know it.


deck wash...

So I spent most of my time today holding a big kids toy... it felt like a flame thrower, and therefore was instantly fun...

I only managed to get about half the deck done today... the darn thing overheats after about an hour and needs to rest a bit. :D

Here is what the deck looked like at the start...

And here is what it looked like when it was done...

And this? This is a 280k animated gif of the process...

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