July 20th, 2002



um... 1:20 am... definately a good time for a big ass plate of nachos.

My mom called to say that she heard on the news that there will be a "butterfly release" at this market about 20 minutes from where we live tomorrow at noon. Not sure what that will be but it sounds like it might be really cool.



blech... my body is still reacting to migraine meds... but it'll pass. The head ache has been banished (it seems) thanks to a little tlc and a comfy bed... but I'll spare ya the details... (looks up and whistles like nothing special happened... lol) (ancient medicine is always the best medicine).

~ morning sweats...
~ a layer of something relatively evil over my eyes, tongue and teeth
~ shower... definitely a shower
~ shave...
~ normal clothes?
~ butterfly release?
~ bowling with the family?
~ that the really great vibe ripping around lj hangs in for a while. :D
~ I knew what was in missilv's head... 'cause she's kinda SUPER special and it seems like somethings amiss. :( (Peace out sugar).
~ that my friend teaser's BIL is ok... gosh that dog attack just sounds horrendous. I cannot imagine...

Now... kitchen is clean, kids are fed but they are sooooo not gonna let me play on the computer, even though I'm in this semi conscious condition so I gotta git.

random progress

kinda had some baby action tossed at us today... This is Cassidy (6 months). We didn't go bowling and the butterfly "release" was kinda weeny but we got pictures for later. :D

Now it's time to find this kids parents... er... same folks who own the two little boys playing in our basement with out boys... and get ready to go to my folks house for a late b-day dinner for Z. (we're sitt'en on these kiddies while their mom and dad go car shopping.)

Oh... and alicenwndrln... I got yer little message and thanks... :D


~ serraph... things move along. and you are a smart and very together young woman. I know you know it is all gonna be good.

~ ladyfire... I got yer loven... I got yer loven right here... (slaps ass) and tosses you a riding crop... k'mere.

~ kimberly27616 I hope you feel better soon sugar...