July 19th, 2002


ug... well ok, g'morning.

The web-site friday-morning pic is

Colored lights can hypnotize
Sparkle someone else's eyes

I woke up with all kinds of pain in the back of my head... kind of a rebound from the migraine. Lisa (ladyfire) is dealing with something she's calling "re-sick" and I totally understand... from a migraine point of view.

~ gray ftl's, dk blue v-neck p-z shirt and b.u.m. blue jeans.
~ to finish server patches, install oracle, patch oracle and document.
~ to write a short! bb3 update
~ on answering some mail...
~ to start getting in the zone to do a big job this weekend on our deck.
~ my head felt better! (it doesn't) but it seems to be getting a little better.
~ I could give my sweet friend caren a hug ... just 'cause.
~ that today brings something better than last night did to an amazing woman on my friends list... fairiedust66 I hope you find solutions that feel right.
~ with all of my heart that the world of my friend topazgrrl begins to reshape itself into something rewarding... something fair... something built to last.

I have a lot on my mind today... a lot has been going on in the world of me, at work, at home and in the land of planning. It feels good... but it feels stressful.
I am taking the next two weeks off work. We have a little trip planned to go to Niagara Falls which should be one huge blast for the boys and I am hoping for major personal decompression. :D

BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: Lisa! Close the huge mouth!

The Live Show... yeah... we get to see Julie in one of those rare occasions that her head isn't stuck in a toilet. Somebody got the axe tonight and somebody else got appointed head-boy / head-girl finally removing the skank muffin with the enormous mouth from what amounted to Josh's office.

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So headache seems loads better... but it's still a kinda crampy neck.

Today is just flying by as I zoooooooom all over the place at work.
I just wanted to say thanks for all the good vibes about the migraine...

You guys never seem to stop making me feel... feel all kinds of good things. Thanks. :D


Any body out there do solaris?

Ultra 10... got a default nic... and I can't find what tells me the speed 10/100 or "plex" (half/full) it's set to run at... I'm assuming autosensing... but how can I tell?
oh... it's solaris 9 btw.