July 18th, 2002


i wish...

She has a brand new baby to care for... and a little girl that most likely is doing her very best to make sure mom doesn't forget about her (been there... lived that).

She has been a friend for almost two years in journal land and in that time I have felt the warmth of her thoughts as I struggled with ridiculous issues or painful efforts in live, love and work.

With the vast sea of friendships that I have made in the Lj living novel, I have found myself sharing a majority of her friends and have been a witness to so much goodwill and kindness.

It just is not possible to do anything but let my heart carry a love for her that is framed with admiration, appreciation and the peaceful embrace of friendship.

Amy (topazgrrl) you are a wonderful mom, a sweet woman and a precious friend.

Make all the wishes you want... but I'll just make one.
May you find the strength to see yourself as I do.


Hmm... so what’s so hard about sending me a note? It’s right there in the bio. I’m all for the friends I meet in lj... yo! Word’em up and write me if you want to be added back. If not... cooo (lazy cool) and enjoy.

Um... that being said, I just gotta shoot a big "hi how are ya?" to a friend that I’ve (blush) been reading for ages and never added but now? (does a happy dance) Hiya designdiva... I guess it was time to class it up a bit around here. :D

~ black ftl’s, blue jeans (b.u.m.) and another company golf shirt (black this time)
~ comfy koss headphones and a layer of Elvis reminding me that I really wanna be a Flying Elvis before I die. Maybe one of my Vegas buddies can hook a boy up? lol
~ to write up a quick bb3 update... they toss someone tonight... (please let it be the church lady)
~ still cranking out solaris install’s but adding Oracle 9i to ‘em. Susan? Are you around today? If I have a problem with drive slice formatting... I might wanna ask ya a question (shakes head in shame at forgetting stuff)
~ being logged into yahoo all day with the cam on... (cortitto)
~ I could send a truck ... a big truck ... loaded to the hilt with flowers ... love and hugs to my buddy alma_perdida. Then I’d sneak up on her and tie her up... get out a feather and tickle her till there are tears streaming. Then take a whole bunch of pictures of her tied up and crying... put her on a milk carton, establish a charity for her and then use the money to buy her nice stuff! Why? Just ‘cause she’s been a friend for so long and such a wonderful friend that she deserves "nice stuff"... the tied up and tickled part was just for my enjoyment. :D

That kid in the car accident yesterday that closed the auto route... he was 16 joyriding with four friends in his "borrowed parents car". No license. He died. Jezzus. I remember taking my parents big honk’en T-Bird and driving when they were away and I was 15... At least I could freaking drive the fucking speed limit. What a waste.

BB3 Update!!

BB2 Update: I'm a Danish... Eat me.

Well week one is wrapping up and the house-mats have distinguished themselves as an eclectic group of ugly yellow bags of mostly water. First impressions hold in some areas and really kinda flip in others... but the bottom line remains the same. Josh is a pig, Gerry is a loose gonad, and Lori is the freak'en Church Lady from SNL reincarnated.

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well then...

BB3 is on a tape waiting in the vcr for ... well, waiting for George (my son) to fall asleep. He and I are almost finished reading the harry potter 2nd book "The Chamber of Secrets"... and the part I'm reading to him now is plenty scary for a little 6 year old guy. So I am under orders (from him) to remain in the office - which is down the hall from his room - until he falls asleep... "Don't go for more coffee... don't take the garbage out... just wait in the office!"

mmmk georgie... :D