July 11th, 2002


Morn'en Lj...

This is george... wearing his new glasses. He feels pretty cool when he wears those. We're still pounding through the second Harry Potter book, with several scary moments in that book for a little guy.

Oh, and I'm holding up the p-card I got from my buddy willedit... thank you Michelle. It's really very precious to get cards from friends like that.

~ er... not ftls... pic...
~ blue jeans - cause today is notcharming day... (no reason... :D)
~ my fav blue txt shirt... long sleeves and the long orange stripe.
~ dem shoes again
~ road trip to some gov office to pick up a RFP (request for proposals)... something our team is bidding on...
~ to post a short bb3 update... (there's a BB3 community in LJ and go to TVClubHouse for transcripts from the live feeds and good discussion about the house-mats)
~ I could find the time (and I will) to do another A Day In My Life post... that includes the new office... For example, right now I'm sitting at an outdoor table on a patio beside the building with a giant beautiful green lawn extending away from me to an auto route, the sun is shining and there are robins ripping worms out of the ground close by. I'm typing on my hand-held and enjoying a steaming cup of coffee... this is a very comfortable moment.. a nice way to start a work day.
~ I knew how to an html page to present html code examples that didn't interpret the code... you know... sort of a "this is the way the code looks" page...

Ok... busy day... must get started. :D

BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: oh god... Julie freakin Chen, all over again!

I'd almost forgotten. The anorexic game show host "slash" journalist (julie) is gonna walk us through another 10 weeks of USWF* head fucking. The body-fat'less dozen house-mats are a prototypical assortment of cheese, cheesecake and beefcake. We got a lispth, loads of attitude, some booty, and some very serious white trash.**

This will be fun!

*USWF: Unrealistic Stereotyped White Folk (with the requisite token blacks)

**I admit it... I'm in it for the massive diss'en potential hard core.

Note: I have no idea how many updates I'll be able to do... but for sure they're gonna be shot... and no way they are not going to be evil. This show serves one purpose for me and that's to get my kicks diss'en the house mats. I'll use foul language and I'll be insulting. I'll always use a cut-tag to let you make the conscious decision to read this or not.

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I'm just a devil with love to spare

holy crap... I haven't even ONCE checked journal yet today... totally busy boy today.

me = praying for a spare moment... :)
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