July 9th, 2002


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Shallow Hal temporarily interupted by a little night terror deal with Ed... just about through it... so many tears... poor little man...

oops... there he goes again... see ya.

ps. shallow hal... geezus... I like this movie... I never thought for a minute (after the commercials) that I'd like it at all...


My TV needs a "print screen" button! So Shallow Hal was an OK movie. The plot points were all predictable but ignoring that it possessed a wonderful message and several well acted parts. Jason Alexander (the guy that played George Castanza on Seinfeld) lived up to his reputation as a despicable, hated, pathetic character... I just hate that guy (in his roles...). And (back to that print screen moment) the movie includes an absolutely perfect moment of Gweneth Paltrow bending over, straight leg, facing away from the camera, wearing a perfect little purple thong. Self control be-damned... I even blurted out a "wow" as I sat with my wife watching... snicker (good thing she's an understanding soul). Note: under other circumstances, I find her to be rather lanky and not particularly attractive... but, it's hard to argue with a perfect ass shot.

~ gray ftls (and more groovy sox)
~ dk green dress pants... no, really dark... sheesh...
~ black company golf shirt
~ The Mole is on tonight!
~ off to a client site this aft... (I think... kinda depends on the client)
~ something about a monkey... :D
~ that my very precious friend dallandra has a safe journey to Estonia and finds every success over the next year. Be proud of her... she's Canada's first exchange student to that country.
~ my neck didn't hurt... slept wrong...
~ that all is well in the land of my (exceptionally delicious) friend shann in her new house. :D

I’ve been following a lot of the news elements associated with the World Aids Conference going on in Durban (South Africa).
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Peace out homeslice...


long day... just ending.
gotta git... The Mole is on tonight and I'm just kinda CRAZY FUCKING HAPPY...
No particular idea why... but what the hell.. .I'm not complaining..

Can I just say...
~ I feel for you debby and my heart goes out to you...
~ Amy? (topazgrrl)Sugar if I could, I'd stand at your side and fan with a palm frond... :)
~ and something... Michelle? no1topaz.... sugar... things will most definitely be better than they are today!! and whatever happens... I'm burning a little candle for you sugar.

ok... I really have to split... see ya guys.. :)


random happy moment:

Do you have a slightly older digital camera? one with a SERIAL interface? Does it use a compact flash card? Does it drive you nuts because it's so damn slow?

Lemmi tell ya... buy a USB Compact Flash Card reader and you will be dancing! It's like 39$ cdn and it reads those cards in a freak'en fraction of the time of a serial port...