July 8th, 2002


morn'en lj.

Feeling a bit like half-of-me today... not necessarily a bad thing.

So the winds are blowing clear skies once again into our city... the smoke from the kick'en fires in Quebec are no longer hazing us over... of course, even though it's clear and sunny now... the forecast calls for rain and t-storms today. Hopefully Z will get a chance to take the boys strawberry picking today. (they get so jazzed about berry picking... lol)

~ black ftls
~ pale green / beige dress pants....
~ company golf shirt...
~ super-duper comfortable sox... kinda hug my feet... um... they're here.
~ busy weeks start with a busy day...
~ Big Brother starts this week... Wednesday night's the night. I freakin love that how mostly because it's such a wonderful chance to diss hard core on a group of losers that basically struggled for the chance to be tortured.
~ lots of client stuff this week... so I'll be out of the office a bunch. But, they are still miles away from fixing the ftp problem so the corto werk-cam is still down. I think I'll put the yahoo streaming cam (yahoo user=cortitto) on...
~ for kitykity's little kitty to be well... she had to have the little furry-bit taken to the vet last night... still not sure what happened.
~ that my friend nbbmom gets her ever-loven arms around her little nic-olicious soon and that the frankenbooby deal settles down nicely.
~ to just say that I think notcharming is about the most precious girl to wear an Australian accent... (er... auzzi accents make my knees wobbly... :D)

This whole "Weng Shui - Fengs messy little brother" thing is thanks to a comment a coworker had the other day upon seeing the desk layout of the guy that has his cubicle next to mine... he's gone whole hog on the Feng layout... including one of those little self-contained water fountains... so there's this lovely I've got to pee inspiring burbling noise drifting over the baffle all day now... um.. how do you spell catheter?

Ok... lots of stuff in my head that I want to post but that'll have to wait...
smooch ya later. :D


So I had (repeat... had!) a plum sitting on the edge of my cubicle baffle... Coworkers wife and little girl are visiting... his wife thought it was a squishy-toy... she reaches over and grabs it with a full on squeeze...

Besides the juice squirting everywhere... the look on her face was freaking priceless... :)


Just about to venture out into big T-Storms etc. for the drive home... but I was thinking;

So you think you're ready for kids?

Yeah, ok ... sure ... maybe... Let's do a little experiment;

1. Starting tonight... begin wiping your spouses bum after a poop... and force him/her do the same for you. No options by the way... if he/she is not around... hold it till they're available.

2. After preparing a wonderful meal... let it sit on the table for 20 minutes before you even taste it.

3. Regardless of when you have to get up ... get no more than 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night... nono... not tonight... FOR THE NEXT THREE YEARS...

4. Go make a can of vegetable soup. When it's nice and warm... pour this in the middle of the rug in the family room and position a chair over it for 3 hours. Cleaning it up is optional. Repeat.

5. Put some large empty tupperware containers in the fridge to take up about 40% of the available space. Leave them there... learn to live without that space.

6. Trim a minimum of 30% of your monthly pay off and save it... in the future you will turning this money over to wallmart or target, whatever... just see if you can live that way for now.

7. Buy a vhs tape of something like Barney Sings The Classics and play this loud whenever you try to have sex with your partner at home. No... every time.

8. Stop watching television from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. If your fav show is on then, tape it and only watch it after 10:00.

9. Shave the cat now... might as well. Cat needs training too.

10. Begin eating off plastic plates regardless of the meal.

No... it's not that hard... it's immensely harder...
It's not that bad... no really it's actually wonderful.

You kinda forget everything that's hard about it when you feel someone latching onto your leg and when you look down he / she says "I'm so glad you're my daddy." or kiddie stall tactics include several hundred kisses and hugs and usually end with one last "I love you." whispered from somewhere under a bunch of covers.

See ya...
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Ok... please read.

Now I hardly ever ask you all to do something... (besides "put up with me" - snicker)
but I really really really want you to do this one small thing...

A good journal friend (dallandra) is leaving for Estonia tomorrow. She is Canada's very first exchange student with that country. She has jumped through several hoops and worked very hard to make this possible, and - if you ask me - it must be absolutely daunting to leave everything you know and love to travel across the globe with, basically, an english/Estonian dictionary for company.

(this is meaghan... "Dallandra" with her boy. They went to the Garbage concert in Toronto with Z and I last spring.

Please click her name and jump to her journal and post a reply to her most recent journal entry wishing her luck and wishing her well on this adventure.

She's in a car (right now) driving back to Toronto from Ottawa and she leaves tomorrow... so arriving home to a bunch of good will in her in basket would be kind of precious.

Thanks in advance... and pass the word to your friends... maybe just post a link to this journal entry. :)