July 4th, 2002



Apple / Mac question:

my brother is a mac guy... and he has a second computer... an intel / ibm clone.
With a normal 3com home-connect ethernet hub, can he share resources between
the MAC (it's an iMac) and the ibm?
Share the printer connected to the MAC?
Share the filesystems?

I use something like "wingate" to share an internet connection between two intel machines but can you (without a hardware router) share a net connection between the Mac and the PC?


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just wanted you to know, I've a big warm "happy 4th of july" for you and my hopes are lock on it being a safe and happy holiday.


morn'en lj

Oh god did we ever wake up late this morning... the last thing I remember about going to bed was Z messing with the alarm clock (setting it too early!). So we cracked lids at 8:09. Not a good thing on a thursday... Z works thursdays and fridays... and the kids have to be shuffled off to my folks house. I didn't get here (work) till 9:30. go me.

~ freak'en shorts...
~ well, black ftls as well
~ v-neck p-z shirt...
~ actual work ... well, no. not billable work but work none the less!
~ dinner at my folks house...
~ to troll hard core for a solution to a sendmail problem, (still getting "may be forged IP" on my sendmail servers effort to relay from my moms house... she's using a Linksys router and "block wan requests" is disabled!!!)
~ that there is a vast amount of no-big-deal across the USA today as they celebrate their independence day.

"Private property is a crime"... this is a graffiti emblazoned on a wall at this house (in Ottawa) that was taken over by a group of G8 protesters... self described anarchists. The house was (is) privately owned but was not inhabited. The cops finally pepper-sprayed them to hell and back but their message still grates on my nerves. "private property is a crime"??? Nothing is more despicable then a bunch of privileged white kids with half an education and a stick rammed up their collective asses bitching about their own shitty upbringing and blaming society at large.


There is something strangly satisfying about driving a car and noticing your rear-view mirror vibrating to the music.

... birthday time!!

Happy Birthday luker

When the empire was facing it's greatest threats... to stability, and to peace... there came a young man from a desolate, unforgiving planet. He chose to follow the way of the jedi.

As a young jedi he was entitled to certain tools ... some call them toys... his maxima light saber, and his red-hat jedi cape.

And with his toys he will seek to save the empire.

I have known this Jedi for a very long time... I don't actually know how long but I suspect it has been about 6 years? and in that time I have had opportunity to get to know him ... to maybe get to know him very well.

He's a feisty little bugger sometimes but these next few comments I know to be the part of the BIG TRUE;
~ he is a devoted and loving partner, (just ask reens
~ he has a strong sense of social virtue and ethics,
~ he is remarkably smart... that's experience playing well with intelligence,
~ he has the spark of fun and care living in his eyes that tells me he has daddy written on his soul,
~ and he is a friend.

Today is his birthday and I hope with all sincerity that he has a wonderful day and I know in my heart that this will be the most memorable year of his life (he'll be a daddy soon). Cheers buddy! Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Luke-i-am-your-father, Happy Birthday to you!


time to drive... driving = good.

you know theres a great deal of smelly garbage on the streets of Toronto.

that's sad.

homeward bound... I hope you're enjoying your day... :)


I got home from my folks house tonight to a whole box of love'en on my front steps... Mandy Sugar (mandelion) you are all that!! Thank you...

The boiz were so completely into the Alamo war guys... (they are currently arranged in a battle scene in the family room awaiting the childrens awakening in the morning!!). All of it (and the little "andrew" plate!!) is just amazing stuff... what a fantastic surprise. (I made pretty short work of julio... - the chips) :)

Thank you so very much Mandy!!
(and it was really nice to hear your voice... sweet like sugar sugar!!)