June 25th, 2002



hmmm... well I clicked to post this at about 9:30 but my lj client was toast and it was just sitting here on my desktop, unposted. ah well...

~ hmm... you know I'm getting sick of my clothes...
~ black ftl's
~ pale green / beige pants
~ the nip shirt (that is literally falling apart, btw)
~ and I should have worn a sweater as well 'cause it's farquing cold in the new office.
~ continuing to build the office "lab" environment...
~ to shore up plans for future work here and see if I can get a little confidence that I'll be working past next week.
~ to WATCH THE MOLE II tonight... (gardengnomes... gardengnomes!!!)
~ to get in the habit of waking up a half hour early to do the writing of this post before I leave for work.
~ they would fix the ftp blocks at the office.

And that's it... I'm so freaking busy it's goofy!!!! :D

This post... this "morning post" that didn't post... makes me think about the notion that I have prol'y only missed um.. maybe 5 mornings in the last couple of years. I'm a bit of a dork huh...

Smile muchachos et muchachas... somebody loves you.