June 21st, 2002



time for sleep... much too tired lately.

Car hopping... car shopping for most of tomorrow... all with little Ed tagging along. :D

ps. I wonder if people that have to paint with their toes... you know... no arms... if they like decorating little wooden step stools, and scissor holders and wee decorative boxes...

g'night lj...

happy Baby Shower Catherine... Somehow, I just know that little baby is not going to want for anything... and after you start filling that little heart with affection ... well you're just gonna be the happiest girl in the world. :D


Is that how you spell that? You know ... the thing you say when you want a horse to stop? ok... stop! there are too many jokes about "how do you make a horse stop" and it's too early in the day for that... :D (snicker)

It's Friday... car shopping day... it's a day filled with Ed again. :D I get so freaking testy with BOTH kids at home when I'm stressing about something (in this case... the car thing) but with one? I had a lot of fun with Ed yesterday. We'll see how today goes.

~ gray... no pic today. :D (been saving those for "evening wear" hahaha)
~ jeans and a screaming bright orange shirt - which, btw, is always in silent honour of my pal ly
~ to test drive a calelier, civic, an escort and a saturn... busy day visiting these used car salesmen. Do ya think I might be ready to kill something by the time I'm done?
~ to wake Angela up in her hotel room by phoning her and pestering her in about 10 minutes... hahaha...
~ I had a better capability to beat back certain social demons... it's really very goofy how I end up letting myself feel when there is really nothing wrong.
~ that all goes well for topazgrrl today... (still no baby but there's no rush! :D)

ok... more for later... :)

See ya.


how many times am I going to actually injured dressing one of my kids before I will actually learn to adopt a physically defensive stance for all such activities...

this one? Knee direct connect with tip of nose while removing a sock... kind of a "spring loaded reaction"...

... ok ok ... I'll learn ... I promise I'll learn...

and besides, at least this time it wasn't the head snap up into jaw thing...
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holy birthdays...

Okidoki... you all know how much I love you guys... and birthdays are a nice time to show it... you know, to suck it a bit and talk from the heart. Now if ABOUT A MILLION of you didn't have birthdays in June, this would be easy 'nuf...

That being said, lemmi ramble about birthdays for a minute... mmmk?

Happy Birthday Mary!!

Today is "the bairs" birthday... it's silly, but we have a local "rock" radio station in town called "the bear" and - of course - I'm always spelling it Bare... so I gotta say, besides being um... well, my VERY FIRST lj friend... Mary has forever confounded me with trying to remember how to spell her lj name.

Thank you for your long and warm comradeship.. (is that a word?) You, Tom and the little four legged babies have been fun to know and keep track of. :D I hope that you have a year of safe work days at the refinery, fun in your little cam and warped world... and of course, that your year is filled with the love of good friends. :)

Happy Birthday sugar...

Happy Birthday Laurie

My ultimate consort in Survivor Solutions... (she let me - goofy as this sounds - watch Survivor on her internet cam one night ... across the country... because I had missed it... missed taping it and didn't want to miss writing a review... so there I sat... listening and watching on a two inch streaming cam shot of her family room. :D

She is the redecorating vixen from Hades right now... and every step of the way has been beautiful...

I hope this next year brings you a wee bit closer to finishing the house-upgrade and that you fill your heart with the love of friends and the love of lovers!!! :)

Happy Birthday Ange

Some mom's earn their place in the world buy living... and believe me, I can feel for how hard that must be sometimes... :) Others earn it by stealing themselves to the challenges of emotion. You seem to me to be a woman so worthy of your place for both reasons... and certainly worthy of lucky breaks and a warm heart. I do hope you have a great year this time around that you and your little man are able to share in wonderful memory-making experiences...

Now the better late than never category!!!

Happy Birthday isis

I wish I could say page full ... but you're gone for the summer... and you won't see this... but you have been a friend, along with Tarpo, for so very long. I wouldn't recognize my journal without you. I hope you have a wonderful summer and that this year brings you success in your academics and joy in your love.

Happy Birthday inspectorjury

Hey Dave! ICON man... hehehe... He kinda snuck up on me one day in journal land... I think a close friend recommended his journal and we met... a remarkable man with a keen eye for wit and a fine sense of sarcasm... Have a grand year Dave... and remember... you're only as old as they think you are... :)

Happy Birthday northerngrrl

Happy birthday sugar... I know you are a warm heart in the frozen north... but you warm up people far and wide with wonderful images and truly interesting insight ... if it's not about your inner wolf it's an intimate look inside of your universe... of joy... of pain... and of love.
I hope you have a great year this time around and that you manage to hold back the vibes that have not earned the right to infect your precious heart.

Have a wonderful birthday ... all of you ... and if I missed you... well, believe me... my intentions were good! :D

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear bair, hisbeauty, baybabayba, isis, inspectorjury, and northerngrrl... Happy Birthday to you!!



A vibe:
~ my friend winged_emotion... I just wanted you to know... if you can see this... that I'm all about sending you the healingest of healing vibes and wishing you well sugar. Please take care and... do-drop-in (Spend a night at the DewDrop Inn) when you are well.

A question:
Is this the gay pride weekend in Toronto? Is lizvang performing? Is it tonight? tomorrow? I want to wish her well... I want you to wish her well... She is so very talented, and like most talented people, I'd wager she's plenty "self critical"... either way... she's got a voice like a girl-on-the-edge-of-famous... and I want her show to go well.

A lyric:
And these children that you spit on
As they try to change their worlds
Are immune to your consultations
They're quite aware of what they're going through

~ rather a good take on the whole parent / teenager relationship thing...

A prayer:
My friend... and a friend to so many of my friends (and I love how that works, btw) topazgrrl had her waters poked with a stick ... sometime this morning... that can only mean one thing... somewhere - proly right about now - there's a sweet girl (Amy) holding an adorable little boy (Ethan) in her arms and humming softly. My heart could just about BURST... :)