June 19th, 2002


yea... so?

Hmm... my work is cut out for me today... I need to do a little mood management and shake a funk that managed to find me while I slept.

Oh, and Starwars, Lego Style:

~ black ftls
~ blue jeans... blue p-z t...
~ talk about yer casual Wednesday! (:D)
~ to pack my office.
~ troll online for a car
~ make a zillion phone calls about cars...
~ I didn't have to buy a car...
~ I had a really good nail file with me...

Listen... you know those stupid little "quizz" things that so many of you do? I've been waiting for this to happen and it finally did. A few of my friends were burned yesterday but this problem...

You see the quizz thing requires that, after you answer the twenty questions or whatever, you cut and paste the resulting code fragment into your journal.

Bingo, you have a fancy little graphic of what character you are from a movie or what color you are or whatever.... and a link to the quizz itself. The problem is that all someone has to do is hack the site that hosts the linked images referenced by the code fragment and boom! everybody with that code now has some other graphic in their journal. In this case the image of the little crayon guy from the "what color am I?" quizz was replaced with a remarkably disgusting sick-porn picture.
Repeat after me: little quizzies bad! little quizzies bad...
Now then, little testies... hmmm...

Collapse )


Coffee... ritz crackers... and a ceaser salad... come on... kiss me... you know you wanna...

~ digs around in packing boxes for toothbrush... :)


Geezus H krrrrrist! I need a nail file... my little typing fingers sound like a poorly groomed Jack Russel Terrier running across the kitchen floor...


so, see... first thing this morning... moving boxes around my office, I jabbed my fuck-off finger (right hand) against something and split the nail ... not too deep, but just below the "skin" line. Now the big deal is that it's almost 3:00 and I still haven't (knock on wood) picked or bitten the nail to shreds... such self control simply did not exist in me just a few short years ago..

... ok, yes, I know.. peace on earth, world hunger, the ozone layer... there are bigger things to worry about but tough. :D These are my nails we're talking about!!

ps. tell me I'm not the only person totally fucking sick and tired of reading about fucking middle eastern whack jobs blowing themselves up in the name of some misguided effort to appease an obviously misunderstood god and find an elusive "peace for the next generation". Holy crap people... Webster needs to update their definition of Martyr from what ever the hell it says now to simply "dumb ass".

(wow... gett'en all political and rant like...)

oh man...

Somewhere between "so full I could freak'en explode" and "so tired I could just lie down and die".

Still have baths... snack... stories...