June 18th, 2002


good night lj...

Today has been good and even though the guy at the video store gave his best "chagrin" expression over the movie "Kate and Leopold" I have to say I thought it was a great movie... loads of fun, some good laughs and a grand story. :D

Time for bed and tomorrow better rock!!! (just 'cause it's more fun that way...)

ps. I hope you have a much better day tomorrow tassy!!!

sleep well muchachos et muchachas... :)

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It's a tad bit gloomy out there today... wake up late, um... wake up at 7:44. Shower, shave, dress, morning pic, make coffee and kiss everyone... getting to the bus stop at 8:12. I really need to wake up earlier!!! :D

I was reading in a friends journal about how she was so calmed by attending to some simple pleasures... playing her piano, working on a little calligraphy... In that spirit I am reminded of how fun... how relaxing it is to get "in the zone" on the computer. Not reading lj, or writing lj, but getting under a dozen html pages and working graphics and goofing with java script code I marginally comprehend... J It is so cathartic to get in that place. :D

~ gray ftls
~ beige... tending toward the pale green pants
~ dark green nip shirt... (which is basically falling apart... I'll have to go get another one...)
~ v-neck sweater (it's chilli today)
~ I'm going to go to Edwards "graduation day" on Thursday afternoon, and shop for a car on Thursday morning and seeing as Friday is a work-from-home day (out company move is Friday) this means I have to everything for the week done today and tomorrow, including packing...
~ several video related projects...
~ having a blast nursing all these ideas for the web site ....
~ you could all feel coke-commercial good (come on "...teach the world to sing" still haunts me, and who didn't get a tear over the Mean Joe Green Football Jersey??
~ that my very beautiful friend paperdoil has good days and a peaceful heart in her immediate future!!!
~ to remind everyone of something... Life is a challenge and often we have to look for examples to inspire us to rise up... rise to a personal challenge. Kristy? You fucking rock! Zac is such a lucky duck and you are a fantastic mom and an amazing woman. I remain inspired by your strength and very thankful that you have such wonderful friends in your life to help out and be there for you.

mandelion do I have your phone number?

See ya soon skaters...


sinus headache attacks...
body begins to slouch...
eyes feel like they're being pushed OUT from within
Time for an antihist and an advil.


advil is magic...
good vibes are pretty hot shit too...
sometimes just a moment of a voice makes my mind return to a very calm and beautiful place.

this is me :) feeling great. no really ... a kind of great that defies explanation.

There is enough peace and wonder in my heart to fill an ocean...

It's like watching an early morning sun burn a mist from the side of a green hill
and seeing a distant owl climbing an air current before he dives for home and slumber.
Kind of a gentle expectation of calm and well being.

I wish you could be here with me.

ps. no, I didn't just drop a handful of valium... I'm just having a burst of happy. :D


a singer in a smokey room
the smell of wine and cheep perfume
for a smile they can share the night.
It goes on and on ....

oh geez... :D


Well they're having a "fire sale" at work... dumping old computer equip. It's kind of a silent auction.

so a 200 mhz system with a 2 gig drive, monitor mouse, ram, keyboard... all the bits... for what? I bid 45$ to see if I get one... Makes a great christmas prezzi to one of my not-so-well-off buddies... :)

Oh... I have been struggling with a html, java script thing all day... and I finally figured it out... so I'm all kinda happy schmappy about it... I know, no biggy, but it makes me smile... :)

The MOLE is on tonight...

Time for Webster:

Unforgivable Lj Crime: Misusing the trust of an Lj friend. I'm just say'en... it's not nice to mess with mother nature... and it's a huge fucking mistake to mess with me or my friends.*

* oooooo sounds all tough like... :) hahaha... I really suck at bristling. But even the smallest mouse can give you the finger. Don't ask me about this...