June 15th, 2002


yea... ok

You know it's funny... I almost feel like I'm ripp'en ya off with a not-smiling face in the morning. I've had a crummy start to the day... major dumb ass frustrations that start with on kiddo swatting me with a t-shirt as I wake up. Then the other spilling milk (yea, I know... blah blah blah over spilt milk... whatever!) all over the table and their pancakes... generally frustrating. I'm being short tempered and I am definitely not being a very good daddy as I sit here feeling all flustered.

I need to spin a bit and get around this mood.

~ a scowl... (grrr)
~ to sell the kids...
~ ok... maybe not...
~ they (kids) are off to a b-day party across the street for 11:00 ( - 3:00)
~ we (family) have a get-together at my ex-sis-in-law's house (the one that is too politically correct to accept the concept of a blonde joke)
~ we (just z and I) are off to the "every couple of months" get-together with our friends... kiddies being babysat by my folks. :)
~ that a shower softens my mood

Oh we watched "Bicentennial Man" last night... I really liked it. Good story.


ok... a little better...

so I've attempted to
~ mend an unmendable kids toy... (going to have to sneak out and buy a replacement - 2$ little figure - to maintain the Omnipotent Dad image)
~ wrap two prezzies for the birthday boy (one for each of the boiz to bring - we keep a stash of several toys in the cubby for just such an occasion),
~ clean up in the kitchen and kill several ants... I hate ants... I freaking hate ants in my house... and our kitchen... every summer it's the same deal... yuck!
~ make and drink two cups of coffee...

Things are improving...

now it's shower time and additional spinning for mood improvement... T- 30 minutes till the kids go to the party!! :D