June 13th, 2002


eak! look at the time!

Ack! I (we) stayed up way too late last night... so I'm a little late for work.

~ gray ftls
~ the black (yes, I used to go on an on about how they were treacle but that became intolerable...:D) brushed cotton jeans.
~ funky sorta silk shirt, it's kind of a dk gray with a blue tone to it.
~ hmm.. well, I have a bunch of research that needs finishing so that will get most of my time today.
~ I have to keep worrying about the car requirement... (must by beater)
~ you know, I got so much done yesterday I can't believe it... at work and at home...
~ to wrap up a big WOW and ship it off to hisbeauty... for several months now her friends have been treated to the before, in progress and after pictures of her work in refinishing her home. No small affair for a single mom. The results have nothing short of spectacular. Z has really raised the bar at home for me by carrying forward our own lofty plans and doing some incredible work on our own home... This is my way of saying that I can really appreciate how much work must have gone into her achievements. WOW!
~ to send out a great big HI! to a new friend... and to introduce you to her as well... so Hi to princessblueyes. Go say hi... she's a brand spanking new journal'er...


ok... shoot me.

tummy ache... very...
suddenly quite tired and achy.

* t h u n k *

(sound of my head hitting monitor..)

yeah ok..

So that's a quite a few peeps willing to offer up some BANG on the "shoot me" request...
Let's save the corto bang thing for something more open to interpretation mmmk?

I'm battling the sore tummy demons with salad and work... although more coffee, while not good for me, would prol'y make me think I was feeling better. I'll have to look into that. For now, it's Abba blaring from my speakers (driving co-workers with plastic dart guns crazy btw) and a quick document revision.

ooooo.. song changed. Now it's Carley Freaken Simon and "you're so vain" mmmmy god I love this song... (hangs head in shame... I mean, it's carley simon)

"I had some dreams... they were clouds in my coffee..."


look at the time... well.. ok, you don't have to... I'm looking at it and it's a tad bit later than I'm liking!!!

Time to split. See ya.