June 12th, 2002


hola Lj.

Another rainy day... it's been raining steady since yesterday morning... I read in laciann's journal that the 3 ml of rain she got yesterday was their first since July 31, 2001... man I cannot imagine how dry that is.

~ gray ftls
~ sticking with the jeans...
~ a little white T (actually has a company logo on it... :D)
~ dk blue, big comfy turtle-neck
~ 8:45 meeting with boss that wants this document I've been toiling over for the last little while... There's proly another hours worth of work to do on it but I need her go-ahead on the current format.
~ a client visit this afternoon... (with the most dimly illuminated client I have yet to get paid to push around...)
~ on buying a shit box ... er a car... I'm running out of time to buy a car. (a beater to get to work in after our offices move in less-than-two-weeks!)
~ that the fires in Colorado don't take out a friend of a friends house... nocona I wish you all the best luck in your hour of need.
~ you could see the hair cut on this girl on my bus... it's short... that manageable in the front and kind of messy in the back look. It's dyed red, proly from dk brown, a kind of mahogany red with some lighter, brighter highlights. It's very nice...
~ I want to send some vibes... the very best vibes I can draw up... to a friend occipitaldruid. Christine is making a grand relocation towards Cortez, Colorado (gee, can you guess I like that name.) but she's having so many little road blocks. Single moms have it tough enough! Send her a good wish if you have a chance...

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