June 8th, 2002



Yawn! huh? Oh yea... Saturday morning... the kids are watching a cartoon... breakfast in their little bellies... and Z is out Garage Sale hopping... Why am I up? Oh yea... kids... I think I'll go watch a cartoon and start cajoling the kids to clean up the family room... perhaps have them feed me grapes...hahahaha... ok... not gonna happen.

~ um...
~ well, getting dressed would be good
~ although making fresh coffee and having a shower would be good too...
~ no plans for the day yet... :D
~ you could have seen us jumping at the scary parts of "The Others"...

Holy bazoly... That movie was a grand scary deal! and I just loved the ending... what a great twist and talk about drawing you into the movie... grrr... Z 'bout jumped out of her skin a few times there (a'course I was all manly and ... er... ok, yea, scared the crap out of me a few times too) :D


Do you get CBC Radio International where you are?

It's shortwave and long around the world... theres a show called Quirks and Qwarks on at 12:00 EST (in an hour) and a main story will be new findings on Breast Cancer research and mamograms...

Sounded interesting...
just say'en...



The "others" in my basement... plenty of laughing... several loud noises followed by sudden silence, broken moments later by somebody saying OW and then more banging, laughing... yup, it's a rainy Saturday afternoon.

"The anomoly is showing signs of returning to sub-space..."
~ yup, the space chanel is pushing Star Trek TNG down my thoat... :)

Time to make a veggie platter and push it down the kids throats...

holy LJ Birthday baybee

Happy Birthday blonnie

Blonnie Elizabeth... just rolls off the tongue... :D

No idea whatsoever about how I met this girl but she's been a very interesting read... oh and a very interesting, very novel - or is that naval - new pierce... :)

Happy Birthday Blonnie... I hope this year, starting with the trip to Texas, is a wonderful year. You will, no doubt, find great new adventures in your life and at the risk of sounding like a fortune cookie, you deserve adventure... and great big buckets of happiness.

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Blonnie, Happy Birthday to you!!!!