June 7th, 2002



Friday huh... well it's freaking beautiful outside... blue sky, crisp spring air and I'm prol'y gonna spend a huge amount of time in-doors at a desk. It better not rain this weekend!!

~ it's Friday... it's white... pic pic... :D
~ blue jeans, blue p-z t-shirt and while it's still a bit chilly? a denim shirt.
~ oh and it was squatchi management time this morning... so things are rather bald. :)
~ unfortunately yesterday was a bit of a bust... I was so freaking tired I could hardly keep myself awake at my desk... soooo whatever I actually did yesterday, I need to review today and today includes a document prep for another bid...
~ to go to Market Fresh after work and load up on fresh fruit and veggies...
~ dvd tonight...
~ I could talk about the shit that's getting ready to go down in my office... but I can't. Not yet. (oooo... mr. cryptic... hahaha)
~ to remind the universe that I am the number one fan of the super moms on my friends list. Z reminds me everyday - just by being herself - how much thanks, appreciation and loving moms deserve. I wish with all of my heart that you get yours... love'en that is.

Do you watch the Osbournes... I don't get the show on the out tv but I did manage to watch an interview with the gang from 15 Freakshow Street on (guessing here) 20/20? Whatever show it was, the content was interviews with the family and segments from the show... It looks like the sort of show I would love... lots of swearing, and uncomfortable reality... :) Any ways, my point is that there was this moment when one of the kids has some deal going on and Ozzi is asking about it and the kids says "well, I'll tell you but you can't tell mom." Ok, besides the fact that this is on TV, hence the notion of "don't tell..." just doesn't work, the important part was Ozzi reacting with "No, your mother and I don't have any secrets... I'm going to tell her but that shouldn't stop you from telling me..." and he goes on to get him to talk. I loved that. It struck home. Kids are always playing one parent off against the other... and "don't tell mom" is a classic part of that... His reaction was beautiful. I have actually pulled that moment into my frontals when Geo has hit me up with a "don't tell mom" and fed him the same line... with really good results. Imagine... parenting advice from Ozzi fucking Osbourne.

Ps, I have a "family pack" size box of Tim Horton's Tim Bits... they're good for you right?
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leather chaps...

There she goes... maroon leather chaps and jacket... half helmet... dark visor... docs...
Highway motorcycle girl... in 2nd gear and screaming in ecstasy the whole way.

ps. Somebody should give that Rick Dees guy some scissors... he can run around with them until he falls down... oh wait... WHEN YOU'RE 200 YEARS OLD YOU DON'T RUN MUCH EH.

ok... I'll stop now.

pps. spats... they go on shoes right?

(brought to you by the Foundation to Support The Corto Procrastination Experiment.)

Lj Birthday baby....

Happy Birthday Carrie Ann

it's a little pixels birthday... you know who I mean don't cha?

Carrie Ann is one of the people on my list that has come by my mental image of a smart girl quite honestly... I will never tire of reading her... she has had so many reasonably straight shooting insights into things that I have struggled with... how cryptic is that? hahaha.. bottom line? What a wonderful person to have the opportunity to know... in Lj or anywhere for that matter.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday Carrie-Ann and may you find yourself surrounded by the love that is destined to lift you up above the clouds of life. When you feel that support you can count on my hands being down there somewhere... (man, does that sound like porn talk'en or what?)

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you ... Happy Birthday dear Carrie, Happy Birthday to you!


historical randomness....

A year ago today I was celebrating the arrival of a package from teaser all the way from South Africa... having just celebrated the arrival of a package from lothie. It was an amazing time for me as I became very much more involved in the concept of internet friends translating into people I honestly felt were real world friends. Kind of a "coming of age in the digitally social world" moment...

Oh, and I rammed a new earing through the hole that had closed up from non-use on Friday, June 8, 2001. So I've been wearing this surgical steel for a year now... and my jaw has not fucked up yet....

er... I stopped wearing an earing ever so long ago on the orders of a accupuncture theropist who was telling me that my developing TMJ problems had a lot to do with the earing I was wearing in a "focal point". Whatever. That theropist really knew his stuff, btw... and he could beat up the quack Chiropracter that took Z and I for a bundle. LOL...

Special Note: K, I clicked "spell checker" on this post and it only hit "hmm" so that means I spelled Chiropracter AND theropist properly first time... send up the balloons baybee.... (er... unless my spell checker is broken... cause it likes "baybee"...)



~ the word clause "what's wrong?" is an entirely different thing than "what's wrong now?"... what a difference one word can make...

~ french vanilla frozen yogurt is really quite yummi...

~ this is a really nice song... (see "music" thingy on the post header)

~ it's cloudy in Montego Bay

~ if you're gonna stick your finger in, you might as well wriggle it around a bit, don't cha think?
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I need to pack up and get outta here early today... going to take lil'buster (our cat) to the vet for a check up... she (buster, not the vet) is moving to a new home this weekend... My brother has graciously agreed to be Busters daddy because our house is just not getting along well with her fur... it's an allergy thing with me and George... we've had buster for amost 7 years... but it's my brother so I'm not sad. :)

See ya.


So I take the cat to the vet... two shots, a pill, a half a pill and a bunch of kitty tests... and she sits there like a lump for the whole thing... including the thermometer... I can't get her to sit still at home long enough to recite the alphabet... (er, that's me reciting the alphabet... I mean if it was her, then I clearly would not be giving my alphabet reciting cat to my brother).

Any ways she's healthy... and, as always, shed about eleven-hundred-million hairs... It's like, when you put the cat in the car, she just up and EXPLODES fur everywhere... blech.

Oh and I did some garden watering, window washing, kid-playing-with stuff after dinner and came across a strange phenomenon... our garden table... well, our deck table, whatever - the round one with an umbrella (which is not "up" as umbrellas are want to be) has been the subject of Alfred Hitchcock like attacks by some kind of bird. No really... there were like 40 solid guano strikes on the smallish table and a few dozen more around it on the deck... yet the rest of the deck remains bird-poop free... What the hell???? I have horrible visions of birds playing some kind of "target practice" game at night or in the morning...

and shooting birds is far from legal around here.

Ok... time to drag the boys out of the bath and get 'em in bed... time to read another chapter of Harry Potter... :)

L8er Sk8ers... :D


Friday night at the movies...

we have The Others and Serendipidy on tap...
The Others wins for tonight... :D