June 4th, 2002


morn'en shipmates...

You know... these morning pictures... getting monotonous... I need a theme for a week. I think next week it'll be all butt shots... Oh wait, if I wanted to radically reduce the size of my friends list, I could make it a week of sphincters... ok, maybe not.

hmm... theme suggestions?

~ gray ftls
~ great sox (yes, I get excited about great sox)
~ dk green dress pants...
~ a maroon t-shirt and a company golf shirt over it...
~ I have to put together a team and go to a client site this aft... seems one of our companies products (e-comm application) keeps having a heart attack. (rant to follow)
~ I kinda had fun watching The Mole last week... well, we actually only watched it the other night... thank god for vcr's... regardless, I'll watch tonight!
~ to send out a word of congratulations to my pal sylph!!! She graduated from a special program she started grab a little personal upgrade!!
~ for something good! I gotta say, reading through the pages of my friends I'm seeing a lot of down zone stuff and I sure wish there was something concrete I could do for you guys... No I mean it's like a cycle of the feak'en moon or something... I'm wishing for peace in the hearts of so many friends. I'd love to be filthy rich and organize an all-expenses-paid-party somewhere cool like on an Alaskan tour cruise ship... (no pun intended)
~ You are in my thoughts debby, I hope there is a good turn in the near future...
~ and I just wanted to shoot out a little hug action for my friend lothie, just 'cause.
~ oh, and because she's an awesome woman and deserves to feel a smack load better than she did last night... big up to my friend jodilyn!!

Peace out mochachos et mochachas... it's all about amor baybee...


What an amazingly busy day... one mini emergency after another... gaaaa! I want to chill out... and that is not happening anytime soon.

Just because she needs one... please forgive the big graphic but it's totally necessary;

For Lydia

Photographs by Bob Fay

Lj birthday baby...

Happy Birthday Susan...

It's susan0406's birthday today... do you know her? She's been around Lj for two years... but we have only been friends for ?? what about 8 months. She has a knack for always making me smile, and for making me think about the good things... er... like why all guys theoretically like black undergarments on women? (something, btw, I totally disagree with!!)

Regardless of me talking goofy... she's a Phi Sigma Alpha girl ... but mostly she is a wonderful woman and I want to make a real point of saying how much I appreciate the smiles and support she has brought into my journal.

Happy Birthday Susan... I hope you have a wonderful day today and that this year brings you to the edge of danger, the heights of happiness and wraps you in ecstacy (the squishy sweaty kind... not the little pills!)

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Susan, Happy Birthday to you!!!
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