June 2nd, 2002




brrrrr!!! I'm freezing!
~ big sweatshirt!
~ basic "I just woke up stuff"...
~ cept I woke up a couple of hours ago...
~ to get warm!
~ to get rid of this head ache...
~ hmmm shower? yea... hot shower...
~ oh, for a lot of stuff... but mostly I'm wishing I get a relaxing day... and get rid of this head boomer.

So we never got the scheduled storm... instead it just blew in a whole bucket of cold air...

We went to bed with windows open and now the house is freezing! brrrrr... I need warming up!

hey birthday boy...

Happy late Birthday Ed!!!

Just wanted to toss a little sugar out to an lj buddy... Happy B-day Edish...

He turned the exact right dial when we became friends in Lj... "Hey, I read you... I laughed... can we be friends..." (or somethin like that...)

That's what it's all about.

I hope you have a great year Ed and I hope the b-day celebrations were grand!

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Ed... Happy Birthday to you!


I want a weekend to recover from this weekend...

way too much work'en.

digging... filling in... yup... I freaking hate yard work... Pave the whole yard and put up a b-ball hoop and I'm good!

er.. Paul Martin - the Finance Minister of Canada - was fired by the Prime Minister... that basically means the ever goofy canadian political scene will now be even more busted. I wonder how many generations of Canadians will have to pay for the mess our political environment has made of our social, political, economical landscape. It sure is a mess now.



Decided at about 4:30 to have my folks over for din... they feed us plenty, so it was high time.

Broke out some back ribs and a smorgasbord of veggie stuff... zucchini, red, green pepper, snow peas, little broccoli tops, all done up with garlic in one of those "on the bar-b-q veg cookers" along with the ribs... oh more roasted potatoes and carrots cooked in a buttery brown sugar broth. :)

Now it's time for busy work... :)
... and to see if I can catch up on a little lj...