May 30th, 2002



Updated the "words" zone on my web site... adding a reference to all the Survivor IV updates. :)

and now it's time for sleeping... and humming this tune in my head for the next three days at least.

Thank you! :) :D
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It's a gray day in the city... there is a threat of serious rain hanging in the air. And is this affecting my mood? hell no! hahaha... no really. I have a pretty good vibe cooking inside today... not sure where it's coming from but I like it just the same.

~ black ftls
~ dk ... um treacle? so dark green their almost black ... ahh screw it... they're black, brushed cotton jeans... you know, that stuff that feels soft when you rub it but looks like denim.
~ company golf shirt.
~ well I've managed to get really busy with work this week... which is a far cry from last week... today will be all about loading up my guys with work and working with my own client to get ready for a new round of "load tests".
~ it's a survivor night... but Survivors over so there. :)
~ we'll see what tonight brings...
~ I had several nights in a row to work on new stuff for the web site... it's really a "gotta get in the goove" kinda project.
~ that my buddy tonya has a way way better day today!
~ to send a little word of wonder out to my friend alice.... :D

hmmm... I just love the way red and black clothes look together... and this has nothing to do with that girl I saw on my way into work... nothing! J


Gross Point Blank.... what a great movie.

oh... and btw, I have a butter tart for dessert and ?? and fat bottom girls make the rock'en world go'round.


dear god in heaven... I'm in an insanely good mood. Wow... touch me... I'm sizzling.
(no, I have no idea... things are just kinda good, er... music is adding big up to the whole deal.)
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Happy Birthday !!!

er... to Antonio, Roxy-so-foxy-so-Aimee!, Stacy-candy

Too bad life is so damn short or I'd write books about each of these wonderful people...

Lemmi just take a second and tell ya why they are wonderful... one thing about each;

ajose António has always managed to find the exact right time to wade into my life with supportive words... it's like magic.

roccoprincess The Italian chick with the big dog! :) She's just been the best friend I could hope for in lj. (oh, and she thinks 34 is old... hahahahaha... smooch)

gliterybuterfly snuck into my heart with candy! She sent me, z and the boiz a wonderful little unsolicited, unexpected package of yum one day - right out of the blue. (yea, there were beans!!!) She's sweetness.

May your birthdays be the starting gate to a year filled with the warmth of friendship, and the sticky gooiness of love. I sincerely hope you find yourself remembering this as a wonderful year!

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Antonio, Aimee, and Stacy Happy Birthday to the bunch o'ya!!!


"Hey andy... wanna go for ice cream?"

geeezus... they didn't mention anything about needing a freaking passport for the trip...

flys out the door

busy busy lil' pea body... that's yer friendly neighborhood corto talk'en... wouldn't it be great if ya could get away with wearing super hero costums all the time... like going to work in a spiderman suit... the mask would be a bitch but still... dude that would rock.

Off to folks house for dinn... see ya.

ps. Had a horrible computer crash a few mins ago... I was listening to very loud music and the computer had a mini heart attack about something... and it made this killa "zzzzzzzzippppp" noise... 'cept in the headphones it was more like BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLL AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKK ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZRRRRRRRRR KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! accompanied by about 10 million phantom volts of electricity shooting through my head.


see ya later.