May 27th, 2002



Done... today... this weekend...

back to work for us Canadians tomorrow...

Enjoy your day tomorrow, if you have it off!

We've managed some good coffee, ice cream and natcho's... these are all excellent bed time snacks for peole getting over a head cold.


see ya tomorrow.

oh, and I made a new icon... :)

shhh go back to bed...

Are you awake yet? Are you American? Go back to bed... dream of peace and prosperity and wake up thankful for the men and women in the armed forces, not only of your country but the many countries that stand at your side when it is time to stand and deliver... to give the international finger.

~ gray ftls
~ really, really comfortable new sox
~ pale green, kinda beige pants
~ the micro fiber nip shirt... careful, I can put an eye out with one of these...
~ txt v-neck sweater...
~ significantly less hair than yesterday... :)
~ more "load test client" work... about a half day's worth of billable stuff...
~ reading up on some used car info... I have to buy a car before the end of June.
~ I would wake up feeling this good every day this week. It's the first day in several that I haven't had a sinus headache as I stepped out of bed...
~ there will be a day that comes to my friend khisanth when she can feel the love and respect in her life that each and every one of us deserves.

So we went to this little "fair" yesterday... a bunch of rides to draw you in close enough for the guys manning the "games" can work on ya. They had the little kiddie rides and the big bouncy thing... and then they had the "So you wanna join the space program" rides... you know, the "round up" and the spin and jiggle till you wanna puke rides? The kids had fun and I was ok with my killer headache right up until they (the kids) wanted to go on the "Spider". This was a big black thing with little cars that twirled and the arms they were attached to went up and down, and the whole thing twirled like mad. Suffice it to say that the operator of the ride wall laughing at my horror striken, overly white self as I stumbled off the damn ride... The kids loved it, of course.

Lj Birthday time... :D

Happy Birthday Ginger!!

~ and true to form, I'm late once again...

A true Atlanta peach! Ok... well, maybe not all fuzzy or anything but what a wonderful girl... She has been an lj friend from forever ago and is most definatly one of the friends I will always remember for being a real person in a community of extremes. She's as cute as a button and sorry if that sounds all sappy, but I mean, come on!... does that not just pop into your head?

I hope you had a wonderful birthday Ginger and may this year bring you the chance to be closer to the world you want to play in...

I'm glad we're friends Ging...

Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Ginger... Happy Birthday to you!!