May 26th, 2002



busy day... bad headache... off to a local fair.

later... :D

oh and if I don't stop getting Spam about going bald I think I'll go insane.


Today is a phenomenally beautiful day outside... yet it is completely lost to me... we took pictures at the fair (lot'sa kids on rides stuff) but most of it is a wash in my mind... plenty of headache meds and an overall 'dead' feeling is keeping me in a not-so-hot place. I managed to pass out for a couple of hours... this'aft... That helped a bit.

We're going to my moms house for dinner and I am FOR SURE getting a hair cut tonight. :)

See u tonight. :D


so I'm a little numb from almost two days on ibuprofen. I was really worried I had a migraine perc'laten in me this afternoon, but the nap and a good meal seemed to help.

I got ma hair cut tonight... much shorter... Z likes it. (:D)

I have not checked squat in lj and friend land today and hardly any yesterday... sorry if I missed anything major... but such is life in the big city... er... the burbs... :)

time for some fresh coffee and maybe an icecream sammich... and then cruise a few friends pages.