May 25th, 2002


holy yawn

good morn'en... errr... ga!

~ big sweat shirt...
~ baggy sweat pants...
~ samsonite luggage for eyelids...
~ to shower and try and sneak back in bed!!!
~ oh lord... let there be a hair cut in my near future...
~ doesn't the harry potter dvd go on sale soon?
~ we have someone from a "cleaning company" coming over to do an estimate for service...
(I'm just guessing, but a vinyl french maid 3 piece outfit is probably not going to be part of this package... )
~ whatever happened to my filters does not happen again!

I have filters for great reasons... like posting stuff to people that are not people I see in the real world... or not people I work with... (I think it would be bad form to kavitch about work here and have my coworkers read it...) or lists of friends that exclude communities... (* did you know that the moderator of a friended community is able to read your friends only posts?...) etc.

I had to clean them all up last night (the lists) after Lj support said "yup yer screwed..." :D

hahaha... oh well... such is life.

ps. I'm loving the new features in lj lately... especially the stuff about your bio page... wow. :D

any ways... see ya later today and I hope you had a wonderful sleep. :D


I feel like a slug... head still making snot like I'm some kind of Japanese factory and my body is begging... begging I tell you... for me to pass out on the sofa... but can I? nooooooo...

Must play with Geo before he becomes an axe murderer... well, at least he keeps coming up to me and trying to flatten me for not watching him play with lego.

Later... :)

gotta say...

When someone friends ya... and you check 'em out a bit... and decide to friend them back... only to find they drop you the next day... basically says "Oh... now that I see what you post to friends only I think you suck."

So, you know... bite me!

ps. yeah, I'm still in a cynical mood... hence the whole "bite me" theme... :D