May 22nd, 2002



so today is toast... I sorta feel healthier... but still have this "everything tastes crappy" thing going on in my throat. We'll see what the morning brings...

Speaking of morning... I'm going to race towards it. See ya later.


Well good morning...
This is me putting on the best face for today. I feel like crap!! It's funny how things work out... I have to be at a seminar this afternoon and a client site this morning. So how does my day start? I overslept and my head is stuffed like a green pepper that martha stewart got her hands on.

Hmmm Toronto is really failing to carry the games past overtime, huh...

~ a huge planters peanut costume
~ black lace garter, merry widow and stockings
~ a gambling addicts diaper.
~ do you really read this part?
~ to scurry into the office and start clearing business so I can be at a client site possibly before 10.
~ going to the "congress center" for a 5 year industry trends seminar put on by Gartner.
~ to watch West Wing and add another tape of Enterprise to my now 8 strong collection. I keep taping Enterprise, but I never get a chance to watch it....
~ I felt comfortable in my own skin today... for some reason I really don't. It's like I wish I was in jeans, tennies and a sweat shirt but instead I'm in dress pants, heavy sweater and rockport shoes.... and when I look in the mirror I just feel aggravated. This will pass...
~ that my friend luscious_babe is feeling a little better today... and that she lets the prospects for a brighter future infect her heart. Anything is possible... Anything!

ok... see ya.

holy birthday bonanza...


Happy Birthday frizzed

It's carly's birthday... what? 28?

Another friend from beautiful Johannesburg, South Africa... someday ... somehow I will see that skyline for myself!!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a year filled with new pleasures.

Ps. How's that third eye working out? do you need more eyeliner?

Happy Birthday to you ... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Carly... Happy Birthday to you!


Happy Late Birthday to Jessica... starliteangel1

I know it's late... but I wanted to get the word in anyways... :)

Me and birthday notes being late seems to be a trend...

any ways... I can see that you had a nice birthday and I do hope you and your pierced lip enjoy a great year. May you find yourself without the need to defend and filled with the fun of discovery. Oh, and new hair colours are also good! :D

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Jess... Happy Birthday to you.


It's homeward... bar-b-q dead-pig and big honking potatoes... maybe some salad... west wing... some photoshop stuff to learn... and *(gasp)* a hopefull return towards reasonable health...

later skaters... :D

ps. thanks... today was nice... y'all play so well together, it just amazes me.

wizbang... you're in my thoughts...

canuckgirl ... I'd call but today was goofy busy...

adrienned... sugar? I'd be screaming blue fucking murder... go you!

and kitiara ... you are the buffinator and totally buffinated... :)



killing time with photoshop between now and watching the West Wing tape... :D

oh... and that song "I wanna be your cowboy" just came on ar ar ar...